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Tue Jan 27 16:43:58 PHT 2004

MEMO TO:	All New-Members of the Ateneo HMO Plan (Maxicare) 		
		(Membership effective September 2003 to January 2004)

FROM:		Personnel Director


As New-Members of the Ateneo Health Care Plan (Maxicare), you are invited to 
avail of the FREE Annual Physical Examination (APE). 

The APE consists of the following: chest x-ray, complete blood count (CBC), 
urinalysis, fecalysis, ECG (35 yrs. old and up), pap smear (females 35 yrs. old 
and up), and physical exam.

We have made arrangements with the Arguelles Mobile Unit to be stationed on 
campus for two (2) days. The schedule is as follows:


High School, Loyola Schools,		Feb. 3, 2004		EAPI Bldg.
Central Admin, Auxiliary Units 		8:00 am to 4:00 pm	

Grade School, Loyola Schools,		Feb. 4, 2004		LHS Bldg. 
Central Admin, Auxiliary Units		8:00 am to 4:00 pm	(JML Infirmary)

APE covers those whose membership coverage took effect from September 2003 to 
January 2004. An earlier APE was scheduled last September 2003 for old members 
of the HMO Plan. This was arranged to coincide with the University Sportsfest 
2003 held last November 2003. Those who failed to participate in the September 
APE have forfeited availment of this free APE and will not be accommodated for 
this current schedule.

Thank you.

Personnel Director


1. All employees are required to first proceed to the Registration area that 
will be stationed near the mobile unit. Fill-up the APE form that will be given 
upon registration. 

2. After the registration, the employee may then proceed to any of the 
following sections. No particular order is observed.

Laboratory Section – Collection of specimen (urine and stool) and blood 
extraction for CBC will be done in this section. Specimen need not be labeled, 
as these shall be number-coded as the medical technician receives them. 

Chest X-Ray Section – Employees must take off their blouses or shirts. Gowns 
will be provided. Accessories must be removed. All pregnant employees are 
advised not to have their Chest X-Ray taken. 

ECG Section – Employees who are 35 years old and above are qualified to undergo 
ECG. They must remove anything metallic from their bodies, e.g. belts, 
jewelry, coins. Pants or slacks must be folded up to the knees. Blouses or 
shirts, socks and shoes must be removed.

Physical Exam Section – Physical Examination such as talking of blood pressure, 
heart beat etc. is done in this section. Pap smear will be done in this 
section. Female employees who are 35 years old and above are qualified to 
undergo Pap Smear. 

3. After all examinations have been done, every employee is required to go back 
to the Registration area and submit the completed APE form.

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