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(Tuesday, 27 January 2004)
POWER: The fire alarm at APS-Salcedo has been malfunctioning.  The problem could be due to a defective control panel.  The contractor and supplier are looking into this now.   
COMMUNICATION:  Five pending applications for PLDT direct lines could not be served because of PLDT line and central office problems.  This will finally be provided next month when PLDT activates 30 additional lines. 
WATER:  The APS-Salcedo fire sprinkler system was found defective during a routine inspection.  The problem could be due to a defective foot valve or a mismatch between the suction line and pump.  This is being investigated today by the contractor and supplier of the equipment.    
SECURITY:  An attempted robbery was reported at 4:45 yesterday afternoon at the High School.  A 2nd year student reported that while he was in the 2nd floor toilet of Dela Costa Hall, the robber came up behind him, covered his eyes with one hand, poked a stun gun (see picture below) at his neck and asked for his cell phone.  The student resisted and managed to take the stun gun from the assailant after he was shoved inside the cubicle.  The assailant escaped and lost himself in the crowd, as it was dismissal time.
 Click here to view image http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation270104.htm
Left picture: Shown is the "Stun Master 100-S" wrestled by the student from his assailant.  Middle picture: Shows the spark generated by the stun gun.  Right picture: shows the cut on the student's neck made by the stun gun when he struggled with the assailant.
The student was examined at the High School infirmary.  Accompanied by his mother, he was then brought to the HealthDev for treatment of scratches on his face and small cuts in his neck he got while struggling with his assailant.  The student did not see the face of his assailant, but he believes that his assailant could be from the High School or college.  The investigation is ongoing.     
Unlocked Offices:  At 10:00 p.m. last night the roving guards assigned at the college complex, found the main door on the ground floor of Colayco Hall unlocked.  Accessible inside were the offices of Tugon, KYHTE, SPEED, SANGGU and the SANGGU Concern Center.  The last student to leave the building could not be identified.  The guards locked the room but are requesting that the students exercise more caution in securing their offices.  
PARKING: At the Loyola Heights campus, the following vehicles were found unlocked from 19 to 24 Jan. 
Date                 Plate and Sticker Nos.               Carpark                        Owner
19 Jan               NAD-717/No sticker                GS                    ?
BBB-888/G-0614                                              Delfin C.Britanico III AB IS
UUN-556/G-03833                                            Rochell S. Bonamy II AB COMM
WCS-476/G-00213                                            John Paul Dote IV AB MECO
20 Jan               WEF-505/G-04912                    Central             Roel Angelo Papa III BS Com Tech
WCF-691/G-03519                                            Margaret M. Sarmiento III AB MECO
XRM-888/G-07014                                            Steven Norris C. Kuo III BSM
PDX-578/G-04080                                             Karissa Pacion IV BS BIO
21 Jan               TMB-758/G-01353                    North                Alfredo Danganan, IV AB SOS
WNW-190/G-00349                                          Louie Anthony Tan, II BSME
TSL-818/G-00445                                              Kathleen King, IV BS PSY
UGU-288/G-00648                                            Frederick Evan Chua, III AB MECO
UUA-688/D-041                                              Jolly Morata
PMY-872/E-872                                               ? Fraudulent Sticker
22 Jan               UUY- 707/G-06506                   North                Ma. Fatima E Cruz, II AB Comm.
URP- 880/G-03915                                            Carl Quema IV BS Mngt. Eng'g
UEL- 235/G-02766                                            Hansen Manuel Everga IV AB IS
XFH-130/G-05356                                             Nino Marco M Rabang I BS ME
WKY-526/G-02969                                           Jimeyya Boada IV AB SS 
23 Jan               TCX-173/F-180                       GS Faculty       Ronnie O. Chavez 
PDX-570/G-04080                     Central             Karissa Pacion IV BS BIO   
The car of an Ateneo personnel was carnapped Saturday afternoon while parked at Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Quezon City.  This has been reported to the police.
TRAFFIC:  A coed was bumped by a jeep while crossing the pedestrian lane near Gate 3 at 6:40 p.m. last Friday, 23 Jan.  The coed was brought by campus security to the Jesuit Residence Infirmary for initial check-up.  Shortly after, she was brought to Quirino Memorial Medical Center for x-ray and thorough check-up.  Other than a contusion on her right thigh, the coed was alright.  She was released but advised to rest.  The community is advised to take precaution in crossing Katipunan particularly during rush hours.
Road crew workers under the MMDA were reported breaking a section of the island along Katipunan near La Vista and Della Strada Church around 10:30 p.m. last Saturday night, 24 January.  Neem trees were removed as well.  Residents in neighboring subdivisions protested and succeeded in stopping the workers.   
MMDA workers again removed sections of the traffic island railings south of the pedestrian overpass close to midnight last night.  It is not clear what MMDA plans to do in the area.  A meeting with the DENR is scheduled at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon to discuss the traffic scheme in Katipunan.  A traffic bulletin will be issued regarding this.
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Situation Report 27 January 2004 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm  
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