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Friday, 23 January 2004
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Ver Bagundo Cruz
24 years old, single, resident of 266 New Bayanihan Street
Baesa, Caloocan City
Ver B. Cruz was apprehended near the Biology Green House at 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning for running away from a routine ID check at the PLDT-CTC/JG SOM Smoker's Pocket Garden.  He was brought to the security office for investigation.
Found inside the suspect's backpack were the notes inside the laptop bag of a student who lost her laptop, wallet and Nokia 7250 cellular phone inside a locker last 5 January. Also with the suspect's things was the notebook of another student who lost her laptop, charger, optical mouse and Nokia 3210 along the corridor last 16 January.  The suspect admitted to selling the second laptop for P13,500 at SM Fairview, and the cellular phone for P500.00.  The suspect also told security that he bought a Nokia 3650 cellular phone with the money he received. 
The two victims were notified. They confronted the suspect at the security office.   The suspect was turned over to Precinct 9 yesterday afternoon.  The robbery victims with their parents went to the police station to file charges against the suspect.  However, the police felt that the evidences presented were circumstantial and not sufficient to pin down the suspect.  The option offered was to alter the evidence to show that the robbery occurred yesterday to make the case stronger.  The students and their parents refused to alter their statements.  Given this situation, the suspect will be released since no case can be filed against him.  The suspect admitted stealing six cellular phones since he started visiting the campus three years ago.
The community is requested to notify security immediately if the suspect is seen on campus again.  In the meantime, SG Benjamin B Tamayo is commended for a job well done in apprehending the suspect.
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Security Bulletin 23 January 2004 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm
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