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With Eyes of Hope

The circus that is Philippine politics have dimmed the bright lights and the 
fireworks of the past holiday season, and is likely to dampen the coming summer
months as election day comes nearer. Candidates will be parading their usual 
political gimmicks, as the rest of the country await with bated breath and 
fearful hearts the country’s next leaders. 

The latest National Situationer published by the Institute on Church and Social
Issues offers an alternative way of seeing these events as they unfold around 
us. Instead of merely enumerating the social, political and economic ills of 
the country, we express hope that healing is not as distant as it seems to be. 
We assess the current state of Philippine society, politics and economy, not 
merely by giving data and updates, but by reflecting on them with eyes of hope,
through the Catholic Social Teachings (CST). 

In this National Situationer, Fr. John J. Carroll, SJ looks at the socio-
cultural situation of the country, and cites how power dominates in Philippine 
politics, and values – whether they be truth or integrity or the nation itself
– are sacrificed in the struggle to gain and retain power. He sees hope, 
however, in the country’s reservoir of goodwill and willingness to act for the 
good of the nation. Dr. Anna Marie Karaos looks at Philippine politics, and 
notes the weakness of our political institutions and the crucial role civil 
society plays to strengthen, not political parties or figures, but democracy 
itself and its institutional processes. Jeanette Laurente initiates the 
discussion on Philippine economy, saying that the country’s economy cannot help 
but echo the chaos found in the political arena. The national budget, after 
all, is a product of political negotiations. 

These and many other articles can be found in the latest National Situationer 
of the Institute on Church and Social Issues. Get a copy today!  Visit ICSI’s 
publications office at the second floor of the ISO Building at the Social 
Development Complex at the Ateneo de Manila campus in Quezon City. You may also
call these numbers: 426-6134 up to 37, 426-5953 and 426-6001 local 4826, or 
write at this address: <intersec at admu.edu.ph>.

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