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Monday, 12 January 2004
POWER:  Outages are either due to Meralco or internal problems on campus.  Meralco Action Center needs 30 minutes to determine the problem.  Univ. Physical Plant personnel need 15 minutes to verify the nature of the outage.  Given this, the community is requested to give Univ. Physical Plant time to verify the nature of the problem before asking why there is a power outage.
A former employee, Edgardo P. Polistico is reportedly offering construction services on campus, claiming to be endorsed by the Univ. Physical Plant Office(UPPO).  UPPO can assist units in evaluating project proposals and reviewing constructing plans to ensure that they conform with university standard.  But it does not endorse contractors for projects on campus.  Please inform the UPPO if contractors claim to have our endorsement or approval.  
COMMUNICATION:  PLDT line problems disabled a number of direct lines including the Internet dial-up lines at 12:00 noon last Saturday.  This was immediately reported to PLDT. The affected lines were repaired only at 2:00 p.m. Sunday 11 January.  
WATER:  Given the projected water shortage in the next three months, all units are encouraged to practice water conservation measures.  The UPPO will closely monitor the water distribution system to minimize wastage through defective faucets and leaking lines.    
Campus security noticed the irregular operation of the SEC B pressure tank at 5:45 this morning.  This was immediately reported.  Repairs were done and water supply was restored at 8:00 a.m. this morning.
SECURITY:  Alleged students of Psalm of David Harmonic Orchestra, Inc. periodically enter the campus to solicit donations from P20, 50, P100 to P500.  The following were apprehended last Saturday afternoon at the Colayco Hall.  They were warned not to enter the campus again.  Unauthorized solicitation is not allowed on campus.    
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Lyn Poligratan                Kimberly Mercado      Sylvia Cermanes
18 years old                    14 years old               19 years old

Changing of the guards.  This is to introduce new guards and their assignments on campus.  Below are the sector commanders or in-charge of the areas on campus:    
Day Shift
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SSG  Arthur M Salem             SSG Severino B Bulacan              SSG Leon L Lladones
North Sector Comdr                 Central Sector Comdr                   South Sector Comdr
(High School Complex)          (Loyola Schools Complex)           (Grade School Complex)
Night Shift
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SSG Jimmy L Ocumen         SSG Denis M Mitra          SSG Ferdinand B Maranon
North Sector Comdr            Asst. Group Comdr               South Sector Comdr
(High School Complex)   (Loyola Schools Complex)      (Grade School Complex)

SG George S Delic
MAINTENANCE:  The acrylic light diffuser inside the elevator at APS-Rockwell fell on a law student and injured her slightly.  On investigation, it was learned that an outside food caterer had brought in tables and other equipment that may have loosened the diffuser from its aluminum holders.  To ensure that this does not happen again, APS-Rockwell maintenance personnel secured the light diffusers with bolts.  APS-Rockwell security was also instructed to monitor suppliers bringing equipment in the building through the elevator.  Security is also responsible for checking the elevator after suppliers use them.   
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