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(Wednesday, 7 January 2004)
POWER:  The power outage at 1:30 p.m. last 1 January was due to a defective Meralco transformer along Katipunan near RCBC.  It partially affected Ateneo's Katipunan grid, disrupting power supply at the EAPI complex, Jesuit Residence, the Church of the Gesu and Bellarmine Hall.  Campus security notified Meralco and assisted in activating the generator of EAPI.  The Jesuit Residence and Bellarmine Hall generators were automatically activated.Meralco's emergency crew restored power along Katipunan later in the afternoon but failed to notify the campus.    
Power in the affected units was restored only at 8:20 a.m. of 2 January when Physical Plant's Mr. Asterio A. Sadia was called in to check the system.  As it turned out, a vacuum switch in the Katipunan grid had tripped and cut power to the units mentioned above.  To prevent this situation from happening again, campus security is now required to notify Physical Plant personnel of outages immediately.   
WATER:  APS-Rockwell experienced water problems at 3:30 a.m. Saturday, 3 Jan 2004.  The rusted GI pipe of the pump at basement 4 leaked and the pressure switch of overhead tank on the 4th floor broke down.  APS security reported the problem to Physical Plant personnel and an emergency crew responded to solve the on the same day. 
SECURITY:  All guards in the three campuses complied with the ban on firing their service firearms on New Year's Eve.  There is no report of stray bullets hitting roofs on campus.
No losses were reported during the Christmas break.  There was no problem reported among faculty, staff and maintenance personnel that worked over the holidays. The alarm went off only once when a unit administrator erred in keying the code numbers.

Campus security found breaches in the cyclone wire fence along Katipunan over the Christmas break.  These are now being repaired to prevent intruders from using these openings.

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MAINTENANCE:  A men's urinal (shown below) was constructed during the Christmas break for use of tricycle drivers.  Tricycle drivers caught relieving themselves elsewhere urinal will be banned on campus.

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To prevent accidents and assist senior citizens using the pathwalk from Seminary Drive to De la Costa Housing, handrails (shown below) were also constructed during the Christmas break.  Majority of the users are Ateneo personnel as well as Jesuit priests saying early morning mass at Barangka.

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