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Good day! :) I hope you can find the time to read our article today at The 
Manila Times :) Please forward it to your friends who may need some source of 
inspiration and hope amidst these times of uncertainty. Have a good day!

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Building a nation of learners
by: Harvey S. Keh
The Manila Times, February 25,2004
The college entrance examination results of the most prestigious colleges and 
universities in Metro Manila have been released these past months to the 
excitement of many graduating high-school students. For many parents, these 
past weeks have been nerve-wracking since the results of these admission tests 
may make or break their children’s future. 

In this day and age where good job opportunities are rare and the supply of 
college graduates are high, graduating from a good school often leads to a 
distinct advantage. I remember a few years back when I myself waited in 
anticipation for the results of admission exams of the three universities I 
applied for. My parents nagged me almost everyday on the results of the exam. 
Fortunately, I managed to pass in all three tests and the rest is history. 

Anyway, like these parents, we at Ateneo-Pathways also await what schools will 
accept our participants study this coming June. Fortunately, after almost two 
years of being with most of them, the children manage to churn out very 
impressive results. We have 6 who managed to pass the Ateneo de Manila 
Entrance Test (ACET), 12 who passed the De La Salle Entrance Test, 25 who 
passed University of Santo Tomas and 11 who hurdled the UPCAT. 

For those who do not know, the 55 participants of Pathways come from depressed 
communities in Mari­kina, Quezon City and Manila. These students are provided 
with support services such as Review classes for the College Entrance Tests 
and Personality Enhancement Workshops (PEW) to help build their character and 
self-esteem. Special mention should also be given to Mr. Aurelio “Jun” Ramos 
and the Loyola Student Center (LSC) for providing our participants with the 
review classes that helped them prepare for these college entrance tests. 

LSC has been with Pathways since our first year and has managed to help many 
of scholars get to good schools. A product of this Pathways-LSC partnership is 
Lorenzo Fabic of Concepcion High School in Marikina. Enzo, as he is called by 
friends, recently received the San Ignacio de Loyola Merit Scholarship Award 
that is given by the Ateneo de Manila to the top 5 graduating public high 
school students who took the ACET. Through this scholarship grant, Enzo will 
be able to study at the Ateneo for free. He may also be eligible to receive 
allowances depending on his family’s financial status. 

Mr. Ramos is also busy putting up a teacher’s training center in Cainta, Rizal 
that would enable public school teachers from the nearby provinces to avail of 
quality training in English and Mathematics for free. He also plans to make 
this center a training ground for academically-gifted students who will be 
sent abroad for international competitions. 

Through these small projects, Mr. Jun Ramos and LSC hope to help improve the 
lives of our less-fortunate brothers and sisters. Like what I mentioned in my 
previous articles, it is institutions like LSC that provide our country some 
glimmer of hope. I hope that by reading this article you may also be inspired 
to do your own little share in helping build our nation through education. It 
doesn’t take much to sacrifice a portion of our resources for our future and, 
more importantly, our children’s future. Should you wish to help LSC, you may 
call their office located along Katipunan Avenue at 929-9283 or 920-7644. 


Another profile of hope that I’d like to share is that of A Better Chance 
Foundation or ABC Foundation. This foundation was founded by Mr. Lewis 
Edwards, an American businessman engaged in the importation of educational 
books and other learning materials. 

The foundation was founded in the middle of 2001 and seeks to help students 
finish their high school education. Their main beneficiaries are those who 
dropped out of school due to poverty and a variety of other reasons. 

Through the support of its friends and other donors, the foundation has been 
working with Sienna College in Taytay, Rizal to help over 90 high school 
students finish their studies through its Night High School program. These 
high school students are provided with books and other supplies that they need 
for their classes. Teachers of Sienna College volunteer their time and 
services to train these students every night. 

It really moves my heart to see someone like Mr. Edwards. He is not a 
Filipino, yet he has given so much of his time and resources toward uplifting 
the lives of our youth. I hope that we as Filipinos can emulate his example 
and share what we have with those who have none. If you would like to help or 
learn more about ABC Foundation, you may call them at 632-0262 or 632-9664. 


URGENT HELP is needed by our Lumad brothers and sisters in Miarayon, Bukidnon, 
as a land dispute has displaced over 300 of them. They could face starvation 
as a result. There is a need for the following: Rice (for Mindanao donors), 
Cash to buy food, Smart cell cards to be used for faster communication with 
community leaders and any radio equipment. For more details, please call the 
Cartwheel Foundation at 631-4972 or 634-2516. 


For comments, you may email the writer at hkeh at ateneo.edu 

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