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(Monday, 23 February 2004)
TRAFFIC:  The entrance to the auxiliary road at the Fr. Arrupe Road junction (across the IPC building) was widened for easier access last week.  It is now open.  Outgoing vehicles should find it easier to leave the campus.     
MMDA is receptive to Ateneo's request for another pedestrian crossover to be placed between Ateneo's Gate 3 and Miriam's Gate 1.  MMDA Engineers are currently considering various options where the pedestrian crossover can be placed.  
In the meantime, arrangements have been made with traffic enforcers to assist pedestrians in front of Gate 3 on the following schedule:
Mon to Friday (school days):                6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays:                                            6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The community is strongly advised to use the pedestrian crossover near Gate 2 in crossing Katipunan before and after the hours above.  Safety should be the overriding consideration when crossing Katipunan without traffic enforcers.     
Commuters are also encouraged to get off front of the National Bookstore rather than in front of Gate 3.  It is no more expensive to get off in front of the National Bookstore than it is to get off in front of Gate 3.  Fewer pedestrians at Gate 3 will improve traffic flow.
SECURITY:  At 11:15 p.m. last Thursday, 19 February a Cervini Hall resident saw a snake in the corridor.  Campus security captured the meter-long snake and turned it over to the Biology Department safe and unharmed the following day.  LSIA Field Inspector Reymundo V Dulay is commended for capturing the snake with his bare hands.
 Click here to view image http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation230204.htm

The tentatively-identified "Rat Snake" is now at the Biology Green House.  Right picture shows the snake's meal, a white mouse at the corner.

 Click here to view image http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation230204.htm
PARKING:  To reduce the number of unlocked vehicles in the Loyola Heights campus, Loyola Schools' Office of Associate Dean for Student Affairs has been calling the parents of students reported to have parked their cars without locking them.  The result of this campaign will be known soon.  In the meantime, unlocked parked cars from 16 to 21 February are listed below:  
Date     Plate/Sticker Nos.        Carpark           Owner

16 Feb None
17        PDX-578/G-04080      Central             Karissa Pacion, IV BS Bio
PLS-836/G-00557       Central             Timothy Tan, III BS MIS
XGV-717/G-02337     Central             Mariano Laurence Nocom, II AB Com
TDV-936/F-091          GS Faculty      Penelope Mae C. Rebucas
WPG-797/G-06797     East                  Paolo Lorenzana, I AB Com
JKY-838/G-00901      East                  Marcel Temblique, II BS MGT
19        TPJ-401/A-615           GS Faculty      Erlinda Syquia
20        PKS-280/G-02476      Central             Melissa Joyce Puzon, III BS MGT
UJX-190/G-02340      Central             Anna Mitchel Lim, BS SOS
UPD- 663/G-06759     West                Dennie Lester Quiambao, III AB ECO
21        None

The number of unlocked parked cars found in the Loyola Heights campus since the start of 2004 is shown below:  
                                    Week of           No. of Unlocked cars
              5 to 10 Jan                  6
12 to 17                       17
19 to 24                       21
26 to 31                       12
  2 to   7 Feb                24
  9 to 14                       21
                                    16 to 21                       10

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