[Blueboard] UNIVERSITY AT PRAYER (Part 4)

Anne O. Heramia aheramia at ateneo.edu
Sat Feb 21 09:13:04 PHT 2004

"What should I do then with the knowledge that a 
University at Prayer is already at the works?"
Know what you should do in an email 
that will be sent to you on Monday. 

For the past few days, you have been recieving promotional materials 
for the UNIVERSITY AT PRAYER through the Ateneo Blueboard mailing list. 
Starting on Monday, you will be receving these materials through the 
UNIVERSITY AT PRAYER mailing list. We are happy to inform you 
that as members of the Blueboard you will automatically be 
subscribed to the our mailing list. You may also
encourage other members of the Ateneo community to join 
us. You may call 426-6001 loc. 4012 or e-mail aheramia at ateneo.edu

Thank you for reading (and anticipating the arrival of) these promotional 
materials. We are hoping for your continued support in this endeavor. 

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