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Sat Feb 21 03:10:25 PHT 2004

Ateneo college teachers, administrators and counselors may find useful 
reading the latest issue of the PJP (Philippine Journal of Psychology) 
journal vol 36, July-December 2003. This thematic issue presents solid 
research about the psychology of Filipino adolescents. You may likewise 
find some articles useful as course readings for undergraduates, since 
the data are about our young people.

The Psychology Department congratulates its faculty for a harvest of 
publications in this issue.  Kudos to the following:

Special Issue Editor - Emy Liwag

Articles by Ateneo Psychology faculty/graduate student:
1. Research on Adolescent Development in the Philippines by Liane 
Alampay, Alma de la Cruz and Emy Liwag
2. Self-complexity, Self-Construal, and Negative Emotions in Filipino 
Adolescents by Liane Alampay
3. Let's Talk about Txt! by Reena Estuar (PhD Social Psych student; 
faculty member, DISCS)
4. Adolescent Boys Referred for Psychotherapy by Wash Garcia (Psych part 
time faculty, and Director of the Ateneo College Guidance Office)

Thank you,
Cristina Montiel
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