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                The performance of the Ateneo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMPC) for the year 2003 was remarkable based on preliminary estimates from unaudited financial statements. While gross revenues grew by 
    P2 million pesos or roughly only 13% over last year, the net surplus before dividends and patronage refunds is expected to have increased by much more than that due to greater efficiency and effective control of operating expenses. Thus, the Board of Directors is expecting that it will be able to increase, subject to confirmation of the financial statements by the external auditor, the dividend rates on members' share this year from 7% last year to 8% and also improve the patronage refund from 11% last year to 15%. 

            Dividends and patronage refunds for those who had their receipts validated on or before January 31, 2004 will be paid during the General Assembly on March 20. Amounts exceeding P1,000 will be given in the form of checks. The dividends and patronage refunds for those who fail to attend the General Assembly will be released two weeks after on Saturday, April 3. Those who failed to submit their receipts on time still have up to March 31, 2004 to submit their receipts but payment will be effected on September 30, 2004.


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