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(Wednesday, 19 February 2004)


TRAFFIC:  Modifications made effective 16 February:


  1.. Gate 1 is open only from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. to protect GS students during dismissal time.
  2.. Gate 2 is for entrance only.  Exit at Gate 2 will be allowed only at critical times to relieve congestion at Gate 3.

Gate 3 Pedestrian Lane:  The pedestrian lane in front of Gate 3 has been moved from in front of the Flower Shop to the front of KFC.  Traffic enforcers will monitor the lane.  This will synchronize pedestrian crossing with exit of vehicles from campus.  Northbound vehicles will be stopped south of Gate 3 to allow pedestrians to cross.  Outgoing vehicles exit campus when pedestrians are crossing Katipunan.  

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Tricycles are not authorized to increase fare rates on and off-campus.  Report tricycles who overcharge (color, sidecar number, date and time) so they can be banned on campus.  


The entrance to the auxiliary road from Fr. Arrupe Road (across the IPC building) has been widened for easier access.  It will be ready for use on Monday, 23 February.  


Traffic on campus maybe heavier than usual on Saturday because of:


  1.. Father and Son Day at the Grade School.
  2.. Confirmation at the Church of the Gesu.
  3.. Seminar on Best Parenting Practices at the Grade School Auditorium.
  4.. Concert at Bellarmine Hall.

SECURITY:  A staff was robbed at the BPI ATM terminal outside Gate 3 at 1:05 p.m. Valentines day when she went to the BPI ATM terminal near KFC.  When she inserted her card, a man poked a knife at her back and asked her to check her account balance.  He then ordered her to withdraw all the money in the account.  The suspect then directed the staff to walk normally with him until he was able to get a tricycle.  In a state of shock, the staff was not able to sound the alarm and just went home without taking her lunch. 


The roving guard at Quad 1 found three bags behind the copying machine outside Kotska Hall at 8:00 p.m. last Monday, 16 February.  The contents of the bags were:


-         Hewlett Packard computer laptop with adaptor.

-         CD case with assorted CDs.

-         Sony Handy Camera 350x zoom DRC and tape.

-         Two t-shirts, trousers, and Adidas shoes.

-         Leather wallet with BPI Express card, Philippine & US driver's licenses, student ID, and PhP520.00 cash.


The owner turned out to be a 1st year AB EU student.  He came to claim his things at 11:25 p.m.  He deliberately left his things there when he went to Marikina City earlier.  The freshman told the guards "akala ko okay lang dahil nasa ilalim naman ng copying machine, pumunta kasi ako sa Marikina".  


Another student reported on 10 February the loss of a Sony DV Handy cam last 5 February in a laboratory at Faura Hall.  He had instructed a classmate to leave the camera under the lab table between 4:40 to 5:00 p.m.  The understanding was that the owner would pick it up the same day.  When he came to get the camera the following day, he was surprised to learn that the camera was not there.   These incidents reinforce the theory that many losses on campus are due to carelessness.


PARKING:  Unlocked parked cars from 9 to 14 February are listed below:  


Date     Plate/Sticker Nos.        Carpark                       Owner

9 Feb   UME-758/11973old    HS Faculty                   old sticker c/o Melchor Baltazar GS sticker


10        UJE-968/G-03068       North                           Ernesto Uy, III BS Bio

TSS-709/G-08962       HS Faculty                   Reginald Kim Shimamoto, 4th year HS

TNX-689/G-07079     North                           Christopher Jan Benitez, II AB Philo

PSE-523/F-024           Faculty/Irwin              Allan Aquino GS Faculty

11        TNX-290/G-12031     Faculty/Irwin                Rodolfo C. Mendoza GS Prep

DGM-235/E-069        HS                               Mr. Brett Joseph Salalima, HS Faculty

PMZ-842/no sticker     HS                               ?

XAH-855/no sticker     HS                               ?

WBL-588/G-10690     Faculty/Irwin                Allan D. Dacanay, GS 4 Mangyan

TNU-290/G-12031     Faculty/Irwin                Rodolfo Mendoza, GS Prep

UBN-142/F-196          Faculty/Irwin              Ms. Helen U. Amante GS Faculty

UJR-904/G-03548       Central                         David Lee, II BS Com Tech

VCD-920/no sticker     Lower East                   ?

NMJ-199/G-04177     North                           Khole De la Cruz, MS CS

UMX-710/A-412        North                          Ms. Gina de los Santos - Jesuit Res.

12        TBT-275/G-01475      North                           Karla Marie Magpayo, IV BS MIS

WPY-216/no sticker    Central                         ?

NLB-915/no sticker     Central                         ?

13        WCH-121/000125      Upper East                   Lisandro E. Claudio, I AB Com

WFK-428/G-06354    Lower East                   Lennard C. Serrano, I AB Hum

The number of unlocked parked cars in the Loyola Heights campus since January 2004 is shown below:  


                                    Week of           No. of Unlocked cars

              5 to 10 Jan                   6

12 to 17                       17

19 to 24                       21

26 to 31                       12

  2 to   7 Feb                24

  9 to 14                       21


A Blue Toyota HI ACE (plate UHM ­ 983 and sticker no.  G-05603) rolled some 30 meters towards the creek at the Northwest carpark last Friday afternoon, 13 February after the driver parked it without engaging the handbrake as he was in a hurry to use the urinal.  The vehicle would have fallen into the creek if not for the retaining wall.  It took two tow trucks to pull out the vehicle at 1:32 a.m. the following day.  The coed will be charged P7,500.00 to repair the damaged section of the creek's rip raff wall.  





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Situation Report 18 February 2004 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm  
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