[Blueboard] ASIAN WEEK

Ateneo Center for Asian Studies acas at admu.edu.ph
Thu Feb 12 09:51:31 PHT 2004

The Ateneo Centre for Asian Studies (ACAS) with the Japanese Studies and 
Chinese Studies Programs and the History Department would like to invite
you to:

"Diversity: Asia's Identity" The Second Ateneo Asian Week
16 -- 20 February 2004

Weeklong Exhibits:
Students of Asia Exhibit: Social Sciences Foyer, Colayco Pavillion
"Asia at Play: An Exhibit": Pardo de Tavera Room, Rizal Library

Monday, 16 February 	

Film Showing: "Turn Left Turn Right" [China]                            
5:00 pm -- 7:00 pm Ching Tan Room (SOM 111)

"Can China become a Christian Country?"          
A roundtable discussion with Fr. Thierry H. Meynard          
3:00 pm -- 4:30 pm Social Sciences Conference Rooms 3 and 4

Tuesday, 17 February 	

Film Showing: "Dolls" [Japan]                         
1:30 pm -- 3:30 pm Ching Tan Room (SOM 111)

Asian Studies Quiz Bee
4:30 pm -- 6:00 pm CTC 102

Wednesday, 18 February 	

Film Showing: "Wonderful Days" [Korea]                          
4:30 -- 7:30 pm Faura AVR

Ateneo de Manila University-University of Asia and the Pacific
1st Joint Student Conference on Asian Studies   
8:00 am -- 2:30 pm Social Sciences AVR

"Shared Aesthetics in Asian Dance"              
A workshop by Dr. Matthew Santamaria              
4:30 pm -- 6:00 pm CTC 102

Thurday, 19 February

2nd Ateneo Center for Asian Studies Conference (ACAS) on
"Asian Cooperation: Problems and Challenges in the New Century"
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Social Sciences AVR

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