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Mon Feb 9 08:14:41 PHT 2004

Please Post.

                         TAMBULI, the Paper of HOPE

      Recently, the Office of the President through the Pathways to Higher 
Education Program, created a Social Mapping Project that gathered all the 
different Social Involvements of the Ateneo de Manila University. One of the 
main goals of this project is to be able to see in totality the various 
outreach programs that our community is currently undertaking. Another 
objective is to be able to share these initiatives with the members of our 
community and the general public. As such, a website regarding these 
involvements is currently being developed and will be launched sometime in 

     However since not everyone has ready access to the Internet, the 
organizers of this project has decided to come up with a Newspaper entitled, 
TAMBULI, that would focus on featuring stories of hope and other good news. 
This newspaper will feature not only members of the Ateneo community but also 
individuals, NGOs, foundations, government agencies and other groups who are 
doing very inspiring work. Another aim of TAMBULI is to be able to encourage 
students, faculty, staff, administrators and other concerned individuals to 
also take part in helping provide hope to our nation. Finally, TAMBULI aims to 
spread the good news that not everything is bad when it comes to our country. 
If one looks at our major dailies, almost 80% of the news contained are not so 
good thus we often feel depressed at our current plight, TAMBULI aims to easen 
up this feeling by sharing stories of hope and show us that we can still make 
things work if only we contribute our own little share in nation building.

   In line with this, we would like to invite the whole Ateneo de Manila 
community to help us in making this vision work by joining us as volunteer 
staff members. We are currently in need of writers, photographers, marketing 
staff, lay-out artists and artists. 

   As a special request to the faculty, we would like to ask you to help us by 
taking the time to explain TAMBULI to your students and by encouraging them to 
volunteer for TAMBULI. 
   TAMBULI is planned to come out once every two months and will initially be 
circulated within the Ateneo de Manila community. For faculty, staff and 
administrators who are interested to join, please email us at 
pathways at admu.edu.ph.

   For your students who may be interested to join us, please ask them to get 
an application form at the Office of Student Activities (OSA), Colayco Hall on 
or before Feb. 20,2004

   Thank you very much! Have a good day!


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