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In yesterday's list of special awardees the name of Dr. Manuel B. Dy Jr., of the
Loyola Schools Philosophy Department was inadvertently left out. Dr. Dy has
served the university for 35 years. Our profound apologies, Sir.

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The 26th ADMU Service Awards

On Thursday, February 5, 2004, the Ateneo de Manila honors and thanks its
University Service Awardees at the Ateneo High School Covered Courts, 3 to 5

The University Service Awards are given to employees (faculty, professionals,
administration, nonteaching personnel) who have served the university for 5,
10, 15, 20, 25 and more years. 

Among this year's special awardees are the following who have rendered 25 years
of service: Heide V. Aquino (LS), Leopoldo B. Biso (HS), Rodolfo A. Buenafe Sr.
(LS), Ramon Bunag (LS), Conrado P. Cristobal (LS), Marilou P. de Guzman (LS),
Lydia Y. Jose (LS), Jasmin G. Lazaro (CAO), Ramon S. Li (HS), Maurice D. Lim
(LS), Felix D. Lisas (VPFT), Daniel McNamara S.J. (LS), James T. Meehan, S.J.
(LS), Leoncio D. Miralao (PPLH), Jr., Lucila G. Orencio (GS), Elizabeth R.
Paralejo (HS), Nona A. Peralta (GS), Guillermo M. Pesigan (LS), Leonardo M.
Roque Jr. (CPO), Tomas G. Rosario, Jr. (LS), Flora S. Sanchez (PRES), and Ana
C. Soriano (GS).

Those who have rendered 30 years of service are: Frances Teresita C. Alcantara
(LS), Ricardo E. Caguioa (IPC), Angeles S. Franco (PRES), Thomas G. Green, S.J.
(LS), Jesus M. Jesswani (GSB), Bienvenido F. Nebres S.J. (PRES), Ricardo O.
Salvania (CPO), Elizabeth F. Sayoc (GS), and Leonora P. Wijangco (CAO).

Those who have rendered 35 years of service are: Araceli M. Abando (GS),
Rodolfo C. Allayban (UA), Elisa P. Borromeo (AVP), Esperanza J. Chee Kee (HS),
Manuel B. Dy Jr. (LS), Orlando P. Pascua (JR), and Concepcion L. Rosales (LS).

This year, the 40-year service awards are being given to Fr. Roque Ferriols,
S.J., of the Philosophy Department of the Loyola Schools, and Atty. Cipriano
Maribojoc, Director for Administration of the Grade School. 

Atty. Maribojoc thinks fondly--and gratefully--of his last 40 years in the
Ateneo: his first job as administrative assistant, his mentors (Fr. Malasmas in
particular), the monthly powwows in the seventies, the challenges the job
brings, and the community that has become part of his family.

Fr. Ferriols, remembered and loved by both alumni and his present students,
finds that teaching gives him a special sense of fulfillment because it is both
an intellectual and a spiritual activity. The award this year especially
touches him, and perhaps he speaks for the other awardees when he says: "There
is something to celebrate for continuing to do work you have done for a long

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