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                                                        SITUATION REPORT
                                                                          (Tuesday, 3 February 2004)
COMMUNICATION:  The Ateneo Mobile Information Service NOCLASS is now on Beta Test.  This service is currently available only to Smart and Talk&Text users.  
To check no-class announcements for the current day: 
1.      Key in ADMUINFO NOCLASS (lower case letters are acceptable).
2.      Send to 352.
3.      Wait for the sms reply.
Charge is P2.50
To check no-class on a future date:
1.      Key in ADMUINFO NOCLASS mmddyy (mm = month; dd = day and yy = year or 020404 for February 4, 2004).
2.      Send to 352.
3.      Wait for the sms reply.
Charge is P2.50
Please email comments and suggestions to: ajwcc at ateneo.edu
TRAFFIC:  MMDA implemented its U-Turn scheme along Katipunan at noon yesterday, 2 February.  The La Vista junction was closed at 10:45 a.m., B. Gonzales junction at 11:15 a.m. and the De la Rosa-Ateneo Gate 3 junction at 11:35 a.m.  
Due to the new MMDA traffic scheme along Katipunan, traffic is expected to be heavy on and off campus on Wednesday when the Grade School and High School resume classes.  The new traffic flow will disorient many drivers tomorrow.  This may result in slow-moving traffic and possible accidents.  To minimize this, the following measures have been instituted:
1.       Gate 1 will be kept open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for vehicles using the northbound service road.
2.       Gate 1 road to Grade School Lane will be cleared of parked vehicles.
3.       Southbound vehicles from UP or CP Garcia are encouraged to make the U-Turn under the flyover to enter Gate 1.  This will reduce the number of vehicles using the U-Turn slot in front of National Book Store and congesting Gate 3.  
Three options are being studied:  
Opening of another gate between Gate 2 and Gate 3.  
Widening of the auxiliary gate beside Gate 3.
Converting Gate 1 and Gate 2 into ingress gates.
This morning's traffic was relatively light because there were no classes in the Grade School and High School.  They will resume classes tomorrow.  Despite this, an accident involving a faculty member and an alumnus occurred this morning.  All motorists are cautioned to exercise care in navigating Katipunan.
Of greater concern is the pedestrian crossing at Gate 3.  Quezon City Traffic Aides (in yellow and black uniform) have been assigned to assist pedestrians crossing at Gate 3 from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Pedestrians are encouraged to use the pedestrian overpass before and after these hours for their safety.  MMDA will be requested to put up a pedestrian overpass between Ateneo's Gate 3 and Miriam College's Gate 1.      
SECURITY:  Two Loyola Schools' coeds were robbed near Dunkin Donuts across Gate 3 at 3:10 a.m. yesterday, Monday 2 February.  The coeds had just left their companions at Burgundy Plaza and were on their way to Esteban Abada when three men with a knife held them up.  One of the coeds managed to shout for help and was heard by a Barangay Security deputy, who fired a warning shot.  The robbers escaped in a waiting blue Tamaraw with license plate WBM-489.  Campus security called the police and a mobile car showed up shortly after but the robbers were gone.  
When the robbers scampered after the warning shot, they left behind the bag of one coed which was recovered.  The other bag containing a cellular phone, cash, ATM and credit card was not recovered.  The incident was reported to the police at Precinct 9.    
PARKING:  The number of unlocked parked cars from 26 to 31 January is smaller compared to previous weeks.  The following were found unlocked: 
Date                 Plate and Sticker Nos.               Carpark                       Owner
26 Jan                UJP-904/G-03548                        Central                          David Lee, II BS ComTech

27 Jan                TNX-689/G-07079                         North                            Christopher  Jan Benitez, II AB Philo
                         WTH-929/G-02866                        North                            Antonio Vito Filamor, IV BS Mgt

28 Jan                ANN-333/G-05572                         North                           Albert Christian C Silva, IV AB Psy
                          UTT-993/G-01576                         Central                         Nino Paolo Samson, IV BS Mgt
                          UKY-528/G-02969                        Central                         Jimeyya Boado, IV AB SOS
                          TSN-801/G-02690                         Central                        Marie Bianca Santos, IV BS CHCE
  TBJ-471/F-017                             GS Faculty                 Mr. Ricardo T. Talay
  WHJ-463/No sticker                     GS Faculty                 ?
  TNH-957/F-130                             GS Faculty                 Mr. Marcelino A. Arabit
  UDC-186/G-02293                         Lower East                   Roselle D. Lim, I AB COMM

29 Jan                 UJW-168/G-05367                        Central                         Jervin James C. Lim, I AB POS


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