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Ateneo de Manila University


                                                                                                14 December 2004





       FROM   :    THE PRESIDENT



                             GABALDON, NUEVA ECIJA 


            I would like to thank our Ateneo community for your great generosity in Task Force Noah, our relief operations for the victims of the recent typhoons.  Your response has truly been heartwarming.  We continue with the relief efforts.  A team just went last Sunday to deliver relief goods in previously unreached areas in Dingalan.  We expect to send another shipment this weekend.


            At the same time, we have started to prepare for the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.  At the meeting held at Ateneo de Manila on December 8, Secretary Dinky Soliman of DSWD, Mr. Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga, myself and several other government officials, Mayor Belmonte, Congressman Bagatsing, some mayors, representatives of NDCC and HUDCC and others from Ateneo and Couples for Christ attended.


            Attached is a brief report on the results of the meeting and the immediate plans for rehabilitation.  This includes the target areas and target numbers for rehabilitation.  Ateneo de Manila has agreed to take the lead for Gabaldon because it has been an apostolate area of Ateneo students for many years.  Our immediate target for Gabaldon is to build 120 homes.  A GK team visited the site for the houses last Monday and they say that it is fine.  This work is being coordinated with DSWD and the LGU.  The typical cost of a GK house is PhP 50,000.  DSWD will provide a counterpart of PhP 25,000 from its core shelter program.  We are asking our community to share in contributing for the other half.  For the 120 homes, our share comes to a total of PhP 3 million.  The Loyola Schools have started the drive for this fund by donating PhP 500,000, their savings from simplifying their Christmas celebrations this year.  The amount will build 20 houses.


            The checks can be made out to Ateneo de Manila University.  The contact person is Eloi Francisco-Rivera (tel no.: 426-1017; cell no.: 0920-9116690) or you can send your donations directly to the Office of the President or the Alumni Affairs Office.  We will acknowledge your checks.


            Ateneo de Manila is also initially taking the responsibility for documentation of the situation in the rehabilitation areas in cooperation with DSWD and Gawad Kalinga.  We have asked the Center for Community Services to help us take care of this documentation and will give you a regular report on the progress of rehabilitation, not only in Gabaldon but also in the other areas.





                                                                            BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES, S.J.




14 December 2004




A few multi-sectoral meetings have been called to take up urgent matters on immediate relief activities and the more long-term reconstruction phase of the devastated communities in Luzon . Using the GK infrastructure and programs, various partners decided to unify relief efforts and together support the rebuilding of affected communities. The present partners are of the project which will be known as “Kalinga Luzon” are Ateneo de Manila University, ABS-CBN, DSWD, NDCC, HUDCC, and CFC. We expect that this group will grow as new partners come in.

The multi-sectoral partner for reconstruction will be adopting the Gawad Kalinga program for community rebuilding. GK is an organization that has a full-fledged community reconstruction program. It has a history of rebuilding lives and communities which began when it worked with displaced families from the Ormoc flood disaster. It moved on to build a new community for fire victims in Iligan City and Arkong Bato in Pasig City, several new communities for war victims in Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao (Tacurong, Datu Paglas, Buluan, and S,K,Pendatun), new communities for landslide victims in Lilo-an and San Ricardo, Southern Leyte, a huge effort in a new community in BASECO, Tondo, Manila, for fire victims. 

The GK program, though, does not stop at building new homes in new communities. It initially involves a stress debriefing phase where traumatized victims of calamities are gently processed to transcend the horror of their experience, the pain of losing loved ones, and to channel their energies to the building of new relationships in new communities in a new life.

DSWD informed the group that their estimate of destroyed homes of poor Filipinos is already between 22,000 - 25,000. These include thousands from a few towns in Mindoro which were devastated by a tornado triggered by Typhoon Unding about a week before Typhoon Winnie and Typhoon Yoyong. The initial target towns for rehab/reconstruction are Infanta, Real, Gen. Nakar of Quezon province, Dingalan of Aurora province, Gabaldon of Nueva Ecija, Roxas a neighboring town in Oriental Mindoro. A massive drive for fellow Filipinos here and abroad will be launched in order to address the short-term need for relief and the medium-term program of reconstruction. Public and private efforts will be combined and will converge in the GK program.

The immediate target areas and target numbers for rehabilitation are:

1) Aurora
     a) Dingalan - Target # of Homes: 300
         Timetable: 2-25-04 to 6-12-05
     b) Baler - Target # of Homes: 100
         Timetable: 2-25-04 to 6-12-05

2) Nueva Ecija
     a) Gabaldon - Target # of Homes: 120
         Timetable: 2-25-04 to 6-12-05

Timetable: 2-25-04 to 6-12-05

3) Mindoro Oriental
     a) Roxas  - Target # of Homes: 200
     b) Mansalay  - Target # of Homes: 200

4) Quezon
     a) Real  - Target # of Homes: 400
     b) Infanta  - Target # of Homes: 400
     c) Nakar  - Target # of Homes: 400

5) Camarines Sur
     a) Tinumbac -   - Target # of Homes: 300
     b) Magasno  - Target # of Homes: 180
     c) Calabanga  - Target # of Homes: 100

Total of 2,500

Gawad Kalinga is committed to building an initial 2,500 homes until June 12, 2005. DSWD has likewise committed 50% of the cost of the house building, but most especially the network within the government to see through the plan.  The expected cost per house is PhP 50,000.  DSWD will provide PhP 25,000 from its core shelter program.  We are invited to raise the other half.



Contact Persons at:


1) Ateneo – Eloi Francisco-Rivera (426-1017; 0920-9116690)  


2) Gawad Kalinga – c/o Issa Santos (726-7261)

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