[Blueboard] Loyola Schools Christmas Fellowship and Gift

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Thu Dec 9 20:37:57 PHT 2004

							December 9, 2004

To:		The Loyola Schools Community

From:		Dr. Anna Miren Gonzalez-Intal
		Vice President

Subject:	Loyola Schools Christmas Fellowship and Gift

        My warm greetings to you on the occasion of the 145th Anniversary of 
the Ateneo!

	Christmas is a time to thank God for His many blessings to each one of 
us and to our Ateneo community. This year, we shall celebrate His coming and 
our thanksgiving by sharing with our brothers and sisters who were devastated 
by the recent typhoons. Our Christmas Fellowship will be a simple but 
meaningful celebration of coming together as one community in a Mass at the 
Church of the Gesu on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 at 4:30 p.m. This will be 
followed by a very simple merienda in the Bellarmine Field.

	We will be donating what we normally spend for the Multi-Sectoral 
Christmas Party and the Faculty Get-Together to the rehabilitation work for 
the typhoon victims through Task Force Noah.

	I would like to thank our faculty members, professionals and staff who 
requested that the allocation for their traditional Christmas gift from the 
Loyola Schools be given to the typhoon victims. Unfortunately, the gifts 
(Fiesta Ham) had been ordered since way back in November 10 and the contract 
could not be canceled. We did in fact try to cancel it last Friday, December 3 
right after Typhoon Yoyong so that we could donate the money instead. However, 
we were informed that it was too late as the order had already been set for 

	The Deans and I look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Fellowship 
on December 15 and we wish you and your loved ones a blessed and joyous 
Christmas and God’s graces in the New Year.



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