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Sonia Ramos-Araneta maraneta at ateneo.edu
Wed Dec 1 11:12:54 PHT 2004

Dear Fellow Ateneans,

After a slow start in the 2004 PBL Open Championship 2nd 
Conference, the
Addict Mobile Prepaid-Ateneo team has started to pick up the 
pace and has
now won 3 out of their last 4 games.

We invite the Ateneo community to come out and support the team 
as we play
in our home court---- the Blue Eagle Gym in ADMU on Dec. 2, 
Thurs at 4pm
against Granny Goose-UP.

The Coaching Staff and Players have been working very hard to 
improve and
get better with each game. The crowd support would certainly be 
a big
boost for the morale of the team.

We look forward to seeing you in the games. One big fight!

Paolo C. Trillo
Team Manager

2004 PBL Open Championship
Schedule of Games (Second Round)

Dec 2 (Thu) -- Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University

Game Nos. 35)	2:00PM	Air Philippines           vs.  	Montaña 
	  36)	4:00PM	  AMP-Ateneo            vs.	Granny Goose

Dec 4 (Sat) -- Archbishop Cinense Gym, University of the 
Assumption (San
Fernando, Pampanga)

Game Nos. 37)	2:00PM	Montaña Pawnshop vs.	ICTSI-La Salle
	  38)	4:00PM	Welcoat Paints	vs.	AMP-Ateneo

Dec 7 (Tue) -- Makati Coliseum

Game Nos. 39)	2:00PM	Toyota Otis-Letran vs.	Welcoat Paints
	  40)	4:00PM	Granny Goose	vs.	Magnolia Ice Cream

Dec 9 (Thu) -- UST Gym

Game Nos. 41)	2:00PM 	Montaña Pawnshop 	vs.	Granny Goose
           42)	4:00PM	Air Philippines         vs.	 ICTSI-La Salle

Dec 11 (Sat) -- San Sebastian College Gym (Cavite City)

Game Nos. 43)	2:00PM	Toyota Otis-Letran	vs.	Montaña Pawnshop 	
44)	4:00PM	Magnolia Ice Cream	vs.	Welcoat Paints

Dec 14 (Tue) -- Makati Coliseum

Game Nos. 45)	2:00PM	Welcoat Paints 	vs.	Granny Goose
	  46)	4:00PM	ICTSI-La Salle	vs.	AMP-Ateneo

Dec 16 (Thu) -- Letran College Gym

Game Nos. 47)	2:00PM	AMP-Ateneo       vs.	Magnolia Ice Cream
	  48)	4:00PM	Air Philippines	 vs.	Toyota Otis-Letran

Dec 18 (Sat) -- (Venue to be announced)


Jan 6 (Thu) -- Pasig Sports Center

Game Nos. 49)	2:00PM	Air Philippines	 vs.	Welcoat Paints
	  50)	4:00PM	Montaña Pawnshop vs.	AMP-Ateneo

Jan 8 (Sat) -- FEU Gym

Game Nos. 51)	2:00PM	Toyota Otis-Letran vs.	Granny Goose
	  52)	4:00PM	ICTSI-La Salle	vs.	Magnolia Ice Cream

Jan 11 (Tue) -- Pasig Sports Center

Game Nos. 53)	2:00PM	Granny Goose	vs.	Air Philippines
	  54)	4:00PM	AMP-Ateneo      vs.	 Toyota Otis-Letran

Jan 13 (Thu) -- Pasig Sports Center

Game Nos. 55)	2:00PM	Welcoat Paints	vs.	ICTSI-La Salle
	  56)	4:00PM	Magnolia Ice Cream vs.	Montaña Pawnshop


NOTE: Quarterfinal phase to begin immediately on Saturday, 
January 15.

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