[Blueboard] crossings and crosses at katipunan

dremoto at ateneo.edu dremoto at ateneo.edu
Thu Apr 15 13:38:05 PHT 2004

Dear Friends:

I am writing to you from Singapore, where I am a Visiting Research scholar
until the 27th of June.

Like many of our letter-writers, I cross Katipunan Avenue in front of Gate
3 ever day. I have taken a lease on a unit in Loyola Heights, which is
not so cheap after all, so I can just walk all the way to school and
avoid the hassles lf bus commuting from Fairview, where my parents live.
I like to walk, but now I have to run, dash, and fly if I could when I
make that perilous crossing across Katipunan Avenue.

Sure, there is a pedestrian overpass in front of National Bookstore, but
to go there you have to walk on a so-called sidewalk. This sidewalk is
full of open manholes, choked with cars, used by hawkers such that you
have to literally walk on the road itself. In short, there is no sidewalk
to speak of.

And more to the point, studies done by the UP Institue of Transport have
shown that U-turns will not solve the traffic problem in Katipunan. Aside
from more than 30 recorded accidents since this scheme began, the volume
of traffic from Gate 2 to Gate 3 has increased, even beyond the rush
hours of 7-9 am and 5-7 pm. I should know, since I make the crossing
across Katipunan several times to a day--to eat at home, to go to
National Bookstore, to buy groceries at Shoppersville.

The thing to do is for the powers-that-be at MMDA to sit down with all
available facts at hand--studies by think-tanks and reports of recorded
accidents, factual reports on traffic volume and flow during rush hours
measured by a stopwatch or other measuring devices, reports from the
people concerned about these changes--then decide. And please, please
clear the sidewalks first. Pending the discovery of silver-colored wings
we can attach to our armpits, the only thing we can do is to walk.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

Danton Remoto
Visiting Research Scholar
Department of English Language and Literature
National University of Singapore
Block AS5, 7 Arts Link, Singapore


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