[Blueboard] Seminar on Environment: resource mapping tool

asalvador at ateneo.edu asalvador at ateneo.edu
Fri Apr 16 07:57:44 PHT 2004

Please post. Thank you.
     Learn about the tools that can be applied to settle environmental 
     conflicts in "Nature for Nature: A Seminar on the
     environment: skill and concept building" 26, 27, 28 April; 8am to 
     3pm, CTC 102. Fees are at 2000 Php. (Contact: Sally at 426-6001 ext.
     5252;5250; email: asalvador at ateneo.edu)


     Resource mapping is a tool that can be used to visualize resources,  
     land, forests, coral reefs or waterways.  Mapping can be a  
     participatory approach and may incorporate the indigenous knowledge 
     of resource users in local settings such as urban neighborhoods or 
     rural communities.

     The tool can be used to identify problems and issues most felt by 
     local residents and by stakeholders; articulate the 
     state of 
     resources and its transformation through space and time.  It can be 
     also used to identify the factors affecting resource use and 

     Mapping can be used as a strategy for participation and as a basis   
     for planning, decision-making and action-taking.

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