[Blueboard] Traffic and Pedestrians

balvarez at ateneo.edu balvarez at ateneo.edu
Mon Apr 5 18:07:45 PHT 2004

Dear all,

My name is Beatriz, I am writing you now from Spain, from Alcala de
Henares, 30 kms to Madrid.

I have been teaching in Ateneo, English Dept, since 1998, and crossing
katipunan at Gate 3 all these years, always wondering, wishing and hoping
that pedestrians would have greater consideration (reasons? walking is
good to our health, and everyone's health since walking does not

Katipunan, EDSA, or any other road  traffic problems will not be solved
until we realize that putting barriers to walking will increase the
number of cars on the road.

Since all policies and measures taken in Metro Manila encourage driven
cars, and strongly discourage people from walking, traffic will increase
and will still be a great problem.

I mentioned that I write from Spain, because here I never use a private
car, always go everywhere I need by public transportation. It also helps
to improve our sense of community by sharing our resources.

Thank you for your attention

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