[Blueboard] Closure of pedestrian crossings at Gate 3

saligan at saligan.org saligan at saligan.org
Thu Apr 1 10:55:08 PHT 2004

Dear all,
  Apologies for cross posting.  But the Ateneo community should know that on 
March 31, 2004, the MMDA started putting up signs at the Gate 3 katipunan 
intersection and the Miriam Gate katipunan intersection indicating that no 
pedestrian crossing will be allowed.  All crossing should be done along the 
pedestrian overpasses.  This means that people crosing to and from Ateneo's 
Gate 3 must do so across the overpass near gate 2.
  While the MMDA seems to have taken these signs out the next day (April 1), 
the community should be aware of the MMDA's intent to close said crossings to 
pedestrians.  Should the MMDA persist with said plan, the community should at 
least think about whether it is in favor of the change or not.  Otherwise, its 
fate will all but be left to the planners who sit in their rooms at the MMDA 
office without realizing the effects which its plans have on real people, 
students and school members alike.
  First, we had been quiet about the u turn slots.  Now, our crossings will be 
transferred.  Maybe it is time to voice out what we think about what others 
are doing to our community.
  Thank you very much.

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