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The Official Stand of the Sanggunian on the Davide Case 

Chief Justice Hilario Davide says it himself, “Congress, especially the Lower House, should never allow itself to be an instrument of destruction of our democratic institutions. It should, as a matter of fact, be the first to preserve it. The last bulwark of democracy, the guardian of the Constitution, the guardian of the rule of law, is the judiciary." 

We have not even fully recovered from the after effects of the mutiny last July yet here again is another attempt to shake the very foundations of Philippine democracy in exchange for obvious political concessions. This time, however, the attack is as low as it can get. 

The assault on the integrity of the Chief Justice is the ultimate manifestation that this country is in dire need of a miracle to change, if not entirely rid itself, of imprudent politicians and their skewed interests. What is happening now in the government is clearly a political harassment. While the move of the 87 Congresspersons itself is already contentious, the fast-tracking of the case by its automatic transfer to the Senate is even more suspicious. 

The Chief Justice is the only acceptable symbol of integrity that the government has. As Fr. Ben Nebres puts it himself, his “exemplary and outstanding career in public service in all three branches of government, his example of unwavering integrity, deep faith, and courageous love of our people, his towering leadership as Presiding Officer of the Impeachment Court from December 7, 2000 to January 16, 2001, and his decisive leadership on behalf of our people and our Constitution during People Power II” are all manifestations that the Chief Justice is untainted by any professional malice and should be spared of any comparison with the otherwise rotten system of all the three branches in the government. 

To attempt to impeach a righteous man who did nothing but to protect this country’s democracy is to harm the Filipino people and to sabotage the legal system. 

As youth of this country, we cannot let this political crisis just happen before our eyes. This ill-motivated political harassment being done by these imprudent legislators during a time when the political situation of the country is highly volatile is very shameful, given that expedient political interests are extremely apparent. 

As future standard-bearers of this country, we have all the right and obligation to protect its democracy. When the only symbol of hope for this country is being audaciously attacked by politicians obviously working for their own interests, we cannot help but be disheartened by the people who keep on misrepresenting us in the government and altogether lose hope in the kind of leaders that this country have. 

This blow is at the lowest that it can get. We are now truly frustrated and dispirited with the kind of political aggravation that our public officials do without end. And until we see that this government is still worthy of our respect, we will remain watchful of our public officials’ every step. 

Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Manila


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