[Blueboard] Support for Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr.

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                                                                                    27 October 2003









            We express our fullest support for Chief Justice Davide. When Ateneo de Manila gave him an honorary degree in 2001, we honored him 


            for his exemplary and outstanding career in public service in

                 all three branches of government,

for his example of unwavering integrity, deep faith, and         

     courageous love of our people,

for his towering leadership as Presiding Officer of the          

      Impeachment Court from December 7, 2000 to January 16, 2001, and

for his decisive leadership on behalf of our people and    

      our Constitution during People Power II.


             We honor him even more today, at a time of gravest crisis of confidence in leadership in our nation. He stands as a bulwark of truth, integrity and courage in a time when we see only expediency and narrow interests in so many of our other leaders.

            To the  congressmen who signed the impeachment letter, we express our             

profound outrage. In seeking to discredit the Chief Justice, who has the fullest admiration of our nation, and to dishonor the Supreme Court, which has had the courage to make decisions for the good of our nation above the interests of powerful people and groups we say that you have only dishonored yourselves. By this act, you have added your names to the annals of infamy in the history of the House of Representatives. 
            To the Ateneo Community, this is another defining moment in the life of our nation. It is a time that calls us to stand up and be counted and be on the side of truth, integrity, courage and for the future of our country and our people. We stood and marched together in EDSA 1, again in EDSA 2 and in many other defining moments in the life of our nation. In this moment of crisis for the soul of our nation, let us stand up and be together once more. Let us give our fullest support to Chief Justice Davide. Let us send the message in no uncertain terms to Congress and Senate that we will not tolerate their shallow reasons and that we see their narrow and selfish interests. 
            Let us join President Cory in her march to Congress today and heed her call today and in the days to come. 
            This is for the future of our country and the future of our people. 

     Mary for you, for your white and blue
     We pray you'll keep us, Mary, constantly true
     We pray you'll keep us, Mary, faithful to you.

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