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Fri Oct 24 13:58:31 PHT 2003

The HEALTHDEV Institute, a not-for-profit resource center that innovates models 
of health care delivery and provides integrated health care services, is in 
search of qualified persons for its Social Health Insurance project 
(Kapanidungan) in the province of Batanes. This project is being implemented in 
the context of inter-local health zone cooperation.

PROJECT TITLE: Making Social Health Insurance Work and Benefit the Vulnerable 

Applicants are being sought for the following positions:
A.	Retainer Physicians (3) for the Rural Health Units
B.	Training and Curriculum Development Officer (1)


A. PROJECT POSITION:  Retainer Physician in the Rural Health Unit (3 positions 
    PROJECT DURATION: Eight (08) months to One year; 
                      start date as soon as possible
1) Shall provide clinical care to the members of the Social Health Insurance
   scheme (Kapanidungan sa Kalusugan, KsK) at the Rural Health Unit;
2) Shall act as "gatekeeper" for the provincial Social Health Insurance program;
3) Shall develop a training program  for RHU staff and paramedical personnel
   based on a training needs analysis
4) Shall conduct skills training and seminars to upgrade health personnel's 
5) Shall assist in the implementation of health programs in the municipality;
6) Shall provide medical services to the greater population on the condition
   that KsK members are prioritized; and,
7) Shall provide feedback on the operationalization of the overall program.
    1) Physician with a valid license from the Philippine Regulatory Commission
    2) With training skills
    3) Preferrably with working knowledge on Social Health Insurance
    4) Preferrably with networking skills and issue-advocacy experience 
        in local governance
    5) Preferrably computer literate


B. PROJECT POSITION: Training and Curriculum Development Officer 
    PROJECT DURATION: One (01) year (January to December 2004)
    1) Conduct training needs analysis whenever necessary for different groups
       involved in the interlocal health zone cooperation;
    2) Develop training strategies, modules, session guides and instructional
    3) Prepare and submit budgetary requirement for each course module;
    4) Coordinate with the pool of resource persons for conduct of the training;
    5) Ensure conduct of the training identified as necessary for the
       implementation of the social health insurance;
    6) Develop indicators and baseline for training impact assessment
    7) Prepare, conduct and write evaluation reports for each course module and
       the over-all assessment of the training component performacne/results.
    8) Develop and maintain a Management Informationm System for training.
    9) Network with the local government unitsand local health boards in the 
       implementation of their local health plans.
    1) Knowledge inter-local health zone cooperation;
    2) Knowledge in social health insurance development and management;
    3) At least 3 years work experience in training administration and
    4) Sufficient contacts to form a pool of resource persons
    5) Working skills in networking and issue-advocacy
    6) Creative skills
    7) Computer literate
Application letter and resume may be sent by mail, fax or e-mail to the 

Dr. M.G. Raymundo S. Baquiran
Executive Director
CCS Building, Social Dev't Complex
Ateneo de Manila University Campus
1108 Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Fax number:	426-4325
E-mail:		hlthdev at admu.edu.ph
For inquiries please call 426-6001 local 4630.

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