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More than just a children's museum
by: Harvey S. Keh
The Manila Times, October 15,2003
ALONG Roxas Boulevard beside the busy United States Embassy stands a
sanctuary for children and the young at heart. This place where children
can spend countless of hours playing and learning new things is aptly
called the Museo Pambata. For the thousands of children who have visited
the first interactive children's museum in the Philippines, the Museo has
served to be a giant playground where one can journey inside the human
body through a tunnel maze, listen to your favorite Filipino hero or
realize one's childhood dream of performing in front of the camera. 

I would always recall the time when my friends and I brought along 40 kids
from an urban poor community in Baseco, Manila, to visit the Museo one
summer afternoon. As soon as the jeepney carrying them arrived, everyone
went down and ran inside as if it was their first time ever to play
outside the street playgrounds they have grown accustomed to. Some played
inside a stimulated rainforest and seabed exhibit while others spent time
reliving Old Manila by riding a tranvia and an old Spanish Galleon. These
children were all smiles as they brought home with them wonderful
memories of their short but very fruitful trip. 

However, a visit to the Museo will not be complete without a visit the
Tuklas! Science Discovery Exhibit where one can learn science concepts
such as magnetism, electricity and sound by simply playing with its
interactive exhibits. The Museo believes that a child learns best when he
is provided with opportunities for self-discovery with things he can play

Still, not many people know that aside from just being an ordinary
children's museum, Museo Pambata also has a lot of programs that help
promote quality education in our nation. One of their major initiatives
in partnership with the Ford Foundation and the Synergaia Foundation is
the Mobile Library. According to Dr. Nina Lim-Yuson, the dynamic and
passionate founder of the Museo Pambata, this mobile library aims to
promote reading to the different depressed communities where there is a
scarcity of books. The mobile library visits these communities
accompanied by volunteers who give story-telling sessions to kids.
Additionally, Dr. Yuson also mentions that they often leave 20 different
kinds of children's books to caretakers within the communities so that
the reading sessions can continue even after the mobile library had left.

For those who would want to establish their own reading centers, the Museo
Pambata gives seminars on how to create these reading centers within your
respective communities. Through these seminars, participants are taught
basic skills on librarianship and more importantly, book-raising. Last
year, more than 60 participants from all over the country participated in
these seminars. 

However, since the Museo is located in Manila, not everyone can easily
gain access to it and its programs especially those who live in the
provinces. Fortunately, through the support of different government
agencies and foundations, the Museo has also come up with various
traveling exhibits like the Maging Matalino, Iwasang Manigarilyo! exhibit
that was brought to Nueva Ecija and Pampanga through the support of the
Department of Health. Another traveling exhibit that visited Nueva
Viscaya and Naga City recently is The Philippine Rainforest exhibit that
aims to inform students of the alarming state of our rainforests and at
the same time instill in them a renewed resolve to care for their

The Museo also aims to promote the richness and beauty of our Filipino
culture through its Iba't Ibang Kamay, Iisang Buhay Filipino! exhibit
that seeks to provide children with the opportunity to discover our
heritage through weaving mats, painting pots or just by playing
traditional Filipino games. This exhibit was recently showcased at
Bacolod City with support coming from the National Commission for Culture
and the Arts.  

Along with these programs, the Museo also opens its doors to prospective
donors who may wish to donate their old books and other learning
materials that may still be used by children. These donations are given
by the Museo to different public schools and charitable institutions
catering to the needs of children. 

Truly, the Museo Pambata has shown us that more than just being a
children's museum, it is also an institution that truly cares for the
education, welfare and more importantly, the future of the Filipino

To learn more about the Museo Pambata and its programs, you may visit
their website at www.museopambata.org or call 523-1797 or 523-1798. 


Email: hkeh at ateneo.edu 

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