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(Monday, 6 October 2003)
POWER:  The Loyola Heights campus power distribution system needs continuous adjustments to accommodate new equipment installed in new and old buildings.  This involves rehabilitation of cable sections, transformer substations, and circuit breakers.  Components that need to be upgraded will be submitted to the units concerned so they can include these costs in their budget.

COMMUNICATION:  When classes are called off due to typhoons and other unforeseen events, the PABX is swamped with calls.  The auto-attendant and the switchboard operators cannot attend to everyone.  As a consequence, many callers get a busy tone.  To solve this problem, the Ateneo Java for Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC) is proposing the use of Short Messaging System (SMS) via cellular phones to relay information to students and parents.  Implementing details are being finalized. The system will be tried out in the second semester.    Hopefully this will solve the PABX problem and offer an alternative venue for information (i.e., ACET or admission information, schools news and events etc.).   

Complaints were received last Saturday morning (4 October) of dropped calls and the continuous busy tone of the PABX.  The problem was traced to a defective PLDT card that sporadically made trunk lines inoperative.  PLDT was immediately informed of the situation. They came to replace the defective card on Sunday morning. PABX service was restored at 9:10 a.m.

WATER:  Samples from 17 cisterns and 17 overhead water tanks in the Loyola Heights, Rockwell and Salcedo campuses were tested on 22 September.  Thirty-three samples conformed with the values of the Philippine National Standards.  A sample from one overhead tank failed to meet the standard.  Another sample was tested again last 29 September to verify the original result.  In the second test, the sample again failed to meet the standard.  This problematic overhead tank is now being investigated to determine the problem.

TRAFFIC:  The experimental Shuttle Service was set up set up last 15 September to encourage the Ateneo community to take the MRT instead of their cars. The service has been well received.  However, it is not clear if it has drawn a significant number of car-riders to take the MRT instead.  The bulk of shuttle passengers are commuters regularly taking public transportation (FX, taxi, jeep and tricycles).  There is also no indication that the shuttle service has significantly reduced the number of tricycle passengers.  The situation is similar to the operation of the MRT, where patronage of the FX, taxi, buses and jeeps has not suffered.

The shuttle service made two tricycle associations serving the campus apprehensive.  Their operators and drivers boycotted the campus from 24 to 26 September.  The boycott caused inconvenience to many members of the community.  It also affected the tricycle drivers because their earnings were reduced substantially.  On the second day of the boycott, they sent out feelers, appealing to be allowed to enter the campus again. On the third day, the drivers met with the University Physical Plant together with Loyola Schools and student representatives to resolve the misunderstanding.  The meeting was productive and everything returned to normal on 29 September.

PARKING:  The Grade School's Feast of the Guardian Angel was well attended. Campus security counted 2,477 cars parked last Saturday noon at the south side of the campus.  Despite the large number of cars and congestion, there were no accidents reported.   

On Friday afternoon however, campus security received a report from a parent that his car was stolen.  He was about to report the incident to the police. He was cautioned to double-check because a family member or a friend who may have used the car could be arrested or worse shot at.  The precaution was timely, as it turned out later that his wife had parked the car at a different place from where the husband was looking for it.

SECURITY:  Losses in offices have not been eliminated but substantially reduced.  This problem will persist as long as Ateneo personnel continue to leave cash in offices.  The cases in the 2nd quarter did not involve any break-in, indicating that the thief gained access to the premises with a key.  Losses occurred mostly in canteen offices and at the residence halls.


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Edgardo Opeda

28 years old, married, resident of West Floodway, Taytay, Rizal

Mr. Edgardo Opeda an electrician of JAR Engineering Services was doing work at the Xavier Hall roof.  Last 27 September he was seen peeping in the female toilet while working inside the ceiling.  Mr. Opeda was apprehended by campus security and his employer notified of the incident.  Mr. Opeda was fired on the spot after it was established that he was guilty of peeping in the ladies room.   

Two female visitors were caught smoking marijuana last Saturday, 20 September at the High School football fields.  One was a 23 year-old graduate of a girls' school in Makati.  The second was a 20 year-old student of a school along Taft Avenue.  They were not turned over to the police - it was decided that counseling might be more beneficial.  Arrangements were made to have this done discreetly.

ANGELO VILLAMOR, an IS student was commended by Ms. EM Adrales, Administrative Assistant in the Dean's Office, School of Science and Engineering. Mr. Villamor called Ms. Adrales on the night of 3 October saying he found the celphone of Ms. Adrales daughter in a bench in Batibot. He also took the trouble of coming to the Ateneo the next day (Saturday) to return the phone. Ms. Adrales writes: I am writing to let you know that there are still people like this student, Angelo, who is kind and unselfish because he said he knows how one feels losing a very important belonging like a celfone. 

MAINTENANCE:  The Anti-Smoking Law will be a major boost in the effort to clean the air in the Loyola Heights campus and keep the grounds free of cigarette butts.  The Grade School and High School complex are already smoke-free.  However, the parking areas, grounds and college complex can be made cleaner with the cooperation of the community. 

The Loyola Heights campus is heavily infested with termites. Ideally, treatment of termite infestation should be preventive rather than reactive.  Termites migrate to nearby areas when their colonies are attacked. ALL UNITS SHOULD INCLUDE THE COST OF TERMITE EXTERMINATION IN THEIR BUDGET NEXT YEAR so that this becomes a university-wide effort.

The faulty sewage elevation at the JGSOM and PLDT CTC Buildings will be reconstructed to eliminate the foul smell in the area. The contractor will need five to six weeks to complete the job.


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