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TO        : Ateneo Community, Alumni, Families and Supporters
FROM  : Monchito Mossesgeld, Team Manager, Ateneo Blue Eagles 

        UAAP Season ‘66 has come to a close. The Blue Eagles put up a 
fight but in the end, the superior FEU team clinched the crown. We 
congratulate the Tamaraws, who, with great determination, a deep bench 
and excellent teamwork, withstood the repeated challenges of the Blue 
Eagles and emerged champions. The Tamaraws, who were gracious and 
magnanimous in victory truly deserved to be crowned as the kings 
of Season 66 of the UAAP Men's Basketball Division.

        In the dug-out, Coach Joel advised the team to learn from the 
loss so that they could become better players and persons. He told them 
that the loss was a priceless learning opportunity for growth and if the 
players failed to do so, it would be sadly wasted. He asked them to give 
their all and their best in the coming season and to do everything 
necessary, without let-up, from the very first day of practice.

        A huge crowd gathered at the Gesu for Mass after the game. The 
team arrived at around 8:00 p.m. and was met by the University 
President, Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. at the entrance. Applause filled the 
church as the team walked in and occupied the front pews.

        In their respective homilies, Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. and Fr. Tito 
Caluag, S.J. thanked the players, the coaches, team staff, the players' 
parents and families, Mr. Cecilio Pedro and Mr. Manny Pangilinan for 
their contribution and support. Fr. Ben thanked the team for bringing 
the Ateneo community together once again and told them that the presence 
of a huge crowd at the mass was an expression of their deep affection 
for the team. Fr. Tito also congratulated the champion Ateneo Blue 
Eaglets and the Women’s team for their Final Four stint. He thanked all 
those who went regularly to the Eucharistic celebrations at the Gesu, 
his own staff, the Ateneo Chamber Singers, Fr. Nemy Que and the Campus 

        After the homilies, Wesley Gonzales and Rich Alvarez, who played 
their last season, expressed their own thanks and love to the community, 
while the former expressed his apologies that the team fell short. Coach 
Joel Banal, in his short speech, tearfully and in great humility told 
the hushed crowd, “ Rather than be assured that our loss was okay, I 
would have preferred that I be told that it was not okay because I 
failed to bring home the crown.” He apologized for not being able to 
deliver back-to-back championships. In a heart-warming show of support, 
the crowd responded by asking him to stay one more year. Coach Joel also 
expressed his love for the team members and gratitude for all those who 
stood by and supported the team throughout this year.

        After Coach Joel spoke, Fr. Tito acknowledged the presence of 
Jamike Jarin, Head Coach of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets and then read their 
very touching and meaningful pre-game team prayer that day, written by 
Carlo Medina who scored the winning shot.

        After mass, the team proceeded back to their quarters to partake 
of a simple dinner and spend time with each other.

        Today, the team members will be going back to their homes. The 
players who continued attending classes during the Final Four and the 
Championship series, have many final papers to write and exams to 
prepare for as the semester is winding down. The coaching and management 
staff will meet in a couple of days to evaluate UAAP Season ’66. Life 
goes on.

        We would like to thank all of you who have prayed with and for 
us, who have cheered for us in every game and who have loved and 
supported us in seemingly endless ways. We are very grateful and humbled.


The Ateneo Blue Eagles
UAAP Season ‘66


Rich Alvarez
Ford Arao
Paolo Bugia
Bajjie del Rosario
Macky Escalona
Zach Estoesta
Larry Fonacier
Wesley Gonzales
JC Intal
Doug Kramer
Magnum Membrere
Martin Quimson
LA Tenorio
Chris Tiu
Johan Uichico
Eric Yao

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Joel Banal
First Assistant Coach: Sandy Arespacochaga
Assistant Coaches:  Gene Afable
                                 Jamike Jarin
                                 Bogs Adornado
Assistant to the Head Coach: Bob Marquicias
Team Doctor: Dr. Jose Raul Canlas, M.D.
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Eski Ripoll

Physiotherapists: Marvin Ventura
                            Sol Alcantara
Team Psychologist: Mick Perez
Video Assistant: Jover Chavez

Team Chaplain:   Fr. Tito Caluag, S.J.

Management Staff:

Team Manager: Monchito Mossesgeld
Operations: Chester Tiongson
Finance: Geo Elipse
Logistics: Marco Caluag

Team Staff:

Team Referee: William Abarrientos
Taper/Utility: Doming Narisma
Utility: Amor Aguilar
           Sedi Destupa

Student Managers:

Juan Banal
Jonas Cruz
Emir Javillonar
Ralph Mangcao
Marga Ocampo
Mike Pelayo

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