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COME JOIN ATENEO AIKIDO CLUB!  It's a good antidote to stress and ageing,
and an effective means of physical and spiritual enhancement.

 	* What is the Ateneo Aikido Club?  It is a campus-based club whose
members practice aikido (a form of martial arts) as a sport, as a form of
regular exercise, as cross-training for other sports, as training for
self-defense, as a form of mind-body discipline, or as a venue for
socialization.   The club was organized in 1991 by a group of Cervini

 	* Who are the members of this club?  We are a small group of around 20
people, composed of members of the faculty and non-teaching staff,
students, alumni, and friends. 

 	* Who provides the training?  Since this club is affiliated with the
Federation of Filipino Aikido (FFA) based in the Makati YMCA, the
instructors (called sensei) are black-belt practitioners trained in the
Makati YMCA dojo or its member dojos.  

 	* What's the schedule and venue?  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00 to 7:00
pm, Blue Eagle Gym, second floor.

 	* How does one become a member? First see any of the following in the
English Department at De la Costa:  Ada Loredo, Prixie Tan Cruz, or Bj
Patiño.  Then come to the Blue Eagle gym for practice.  No experience is
necessary, no age or  physical requirements or restrictions.  

 	* Any fees?  PhP 30 per session or 200.00 per month for Loyola campus
people, PhP 50 per session for alumni and friends.   This money is only
for club funds; the instructors do not receive compensation.

AIKIDO means 'the way of harmony.' Although it is a lethal form of
self-defense, AIKIDO is the 'art of peace,' a discipline that emphasizes
harmony and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

"True victory is self-victory."  - Morihei Ueshiba, (1883-1969) founder of

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