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Thu Oct 2 14:30:04 PHT 2003

"Our hearts are restless,
until they rest in You."
           (St. Augustine)

				First Friday Mass
			 Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart
			       Church of the Gesù
			   03 October 2003, 6:00 PM
   		           Fr. Bobby Buenconsejo, SJ
		      Choir: Ateneo College Ministry Group

Center of Our Hearts
by St. Claude La Colombière

O God, what will you do to conquer
the fearful hardness of our hearts?
Lord, you must give us new hearts,
tender hearts, sensitive hearts,
to replace hearts that are made of marble and of bronze.

You must give us your own Heart, Jesus.
Come, lovable Heart of Jesus.
Place your Heart deep in the center of our hearts
and enkindle in each heart a flame of love
as strong, as great, as the sum of all the reasons
that I have for loving you, my God.

O holy Heart of Jesus, dwell hidden in my heart,
so that I may live only in you and only for you,
so that, in the end, I may live with you eternally in heaven.
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