[Blueboard] Prayer Rally for Peace

Vergara . Maria Flor C. grevyolf at admu.edu.ph
Thu Jan 30 15:52:36 PHT 2003


So PAX AMERICANA has finally descended into the pitfall of mistakes that 
ambition, greed and desire of wants illicit from the weak. Cloaked in the 
dissembling garb of democracy, respect for human rights and the overly worn 
expression of fighting terrorism, the US is dragging the world to war!

At a crucial juncture in the development of global conflict resolution, where 
world governments have been given the opportunity to rewrite how mankind will 
solve its future unilateral and multilateral problems, an inexplicable decision 
to utilize the most primitive form of conflict resolution has been chosen.
The differentiation of right and wrong no longer matter, for only interests 
remain. What will ensue is total anarchy in world relations, should the 
arrogant decision of the US to go to war be allowed to stand. The discernment 
necessary for a just and moral society has been made a luxury! 

Long has the US dreamed of being an effective world policing power, what must 
be emphasized here is that no particular world power can ever achieve that! 
Only a consensus of all the peoples of the world may effect such tranquility.
Furthermore with such developments THE BELIEF THAT THE SYSTEM WORKS WILL BE 
DEEMED OBSOLETE! The violent method of solving problems regardless of intent or 
persuasion will be reinforced in the thoughts of Humankind.

 So we call on the people of the world to cry out against this impending 
atrocity. Let us demonstrate our efficacy and join the prayer rally tomorrow to 
be held in Plaza Miranda. The gathering shall last from 2-6 pm.

	ASSEMBLY TIME: 11:00 am,  Bellarmine Parking Lot.
                                  Bring candle, white ribbon and ID.
                                  Wear blue shirt.

We are also looking for marshalls. Interested parties call
Office for Social Concern and Involvement
local 5090 or 5091
look for Mayk or Eugene

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