[Blueboard] SSS Digitized ID Card

ebaltazar at ateneo.edu ebaltazar at ateneo.edu
Thu Jan 16 13:20:39 PHT 2003

16 January 2003

MEMO TO:  All SSS member-employees

F R O M:  The Personnel Director


I would like to inform you that effective 1 January 2003, the Social Security 
System is implementing the use of the SSS digitized identification card for all 
transactions/benefit claims (i.e., salary loans, claims for 
maternity/sickness/disability/retirement benefits) with the System.

Application forms for the new credit-card type Social Security ID card are 
available at the Personnel Office and may be downloaded from the SSS website, 
http://www.sss.gov.ph.  Go to Forms, double click on E-6, then download SSS 
Form E-6.  Please print all information in capital letters and use black ink 
only.  Fill out one copy of the application and submit it to the nearest SSS 
office together with the required documents indicated at the back of the form.  

For those who are applying for the credit-card type ID card for the first time, 
please check “initial card”, while for those who have somehow lost/misplaced 
their digitized ID, please check “replacement of card”.  A replacement fee of 
P150.00 will be charged.

We encourage everyone to secure their digitized ID since this will be the only 
ID the SSS will accept for transacting benefit/claims with the System.  Please 
be guided accordingly.

Personnel Director


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