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In light of the controversy sparked by the clearing operations done to 
eliminate sidewalk vending and squatting in danger areas, people throw a 
question at society:  “how do you properly put order in the city?”  

While most people favored the clearing operations as it helped improve traffic 
in the city and reduce threat to security of not only the commuters and car-
owners but also of the vendors and illegal settlers themselves, some frown upon 
it.  Does putting order mean depriving the underprivileged of their 
livelihood?  Does providing convenience to the better-off people have to come 
at the expense of leaving the poor homeless? Does putting order mean crippling 
the marginalized from participating in the functions of society? What 
is “order” and who defines it? 

To provide answers to these questions and find “order” in it’s most appropriate 
context in the country, the Philippine Sociological Society (PSS) and the Urban 
Research Consortium (URC) organized a public forum entitled, “Governance, 
Citizenship and the City”.  The forum aims to sort out the issues and come up 
with a discourse on making an inclusive and participative city.

We would like to invite you to take part in this informative discourse, which 
would be held on the 13th of January, from 1:30 to 5:00 pm at the Social 
Development Complex Audio-Visual Room, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola 
Heights, Quezon City.  For more details and inquiries, please contact Ana or 
Mia of the URC secretariat at 4266134-37.  May we also request you to please 
confirm your attendance ahead of time for us to have a more organized 
preparation of materials necessary for the said event.  

We look forward to your participation.  Thank you.  

Truly yours,

Dr. Anna Marie Karaos				Dr. Emma Porio 
Secretariat, URC					President, PSS


1:30 – 2:00  				Registration

2:01 – 2:15				Welcoming Remarks 
Dr. Emma Porio, PSS President

2:16 – 2:30				Overview and Introduction of Speakers
Dr. Anna Marie Karaos, URC

2:31 –3:00				Rule of Law and Order in the City
Chairman Bayani Fernando (Metro Manila Development Authority)

3:01 – 3:30			Inclusion, Citizenship and Governance in the 
Dr. Mary Racelis, IPC

3:31 – 4:00		Urban Design, Social Justice and Metropolitan 
Arch. Paulo Alcazaren (Columnist, The Philippine 

4:01 – 4:30				Open Forum 

4:31 – 5:00				Synthesis 
Atty. Joey Mendoza (Habitat for Humanity)

Institute on Church on Social Issues
2/F ISO Bldg., Social Development Complex
Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
Tel:  426-6134 up to 37, 426-5953
Fax:  426-6070
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