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Mon Jan 6 13:15:05 PHT 2003

                                                                                        6 January 2003

MEMO TO        :   The University Community

FROM                :   Angeles "Cherry" S. Franco

SUBJECT           :   Fr. Corsie Legaspi Healing Mass 

       A group of us from the Ateneo are sponsoring a Healing Session with FR. CORSIE LEGASPI on Saturday, 11 January 2003.  All those interested in availing of his Healing Ministry may contact us c/o locals 4001- 4006 / 4031or fax request for healing (name to be healed/nature of illness) to fax no. 426-6079 (Attn. Mrs. Franco).

       While the actual Healing Mass starts at 1:00 P.M., all those interested are requested to come early for registration.  Registration starts at 11:00 A.M. and will be on a first come, first served basis.

        Venue for the Healing Mass is the Grade School Auditorium.

        We are also requesting volunteers for the following tasks:

            Ushers/usherettes - 25 volunteers

            Catchers (preferably male) for those "slain in the Spirit" during the
            healing session - 25-30 volunteers

            Marshalls - 25 volunteers

        A meeting will be set with the Coordinator designated by Fr. Corsie to explain the tasks above.

        Fr. Corsie has been known to be the instrument of healing of those afflicted with cancer, tumor, frozen shoulders and confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis, arthritis, etc. and numerous varied illnesses documented in two books on him.  But as Fr. Corsie is quick to point out, it is God Himself who decides who will be healed.

        Your prayers are requested for the success of Fr. Corsie Legaspi's healing session on Saturday, 11 January 2003.
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