[Blueboard] From National to Regional Construction in Southeast Asia

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Wed Feb 26 17:02:10 PHT 2003

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                         The Department of History
                        Ateneo de Manila University

                       invites everyone to a talk by

                            Dr. Stéphane Dovert
              Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia

          From National to Regional Construction in Southeast Asia


                        February 28, 2003 - Friday
                               3:30 - 4:20PM
                       Procter & Gamble Lecture Hall
                               (SEC C 201A)

With Globalization becoming the catch phase, we are inclined to assume that the 
widest political constructions are the best. In our mind, large scales and 
modernity become synonymous. 

>From a historical perspective, things are much more complicated. The relations 
between people and their political systems have mutated considerably over time. 
However, civilization has not always cut a path through the biggest or the most 
centralized states.

The national construction processes in most Southeast Asian countries have been 
quite recent. It has necessitated some "rebuilding" of the past. The 
suitability of this rebuilding in the current regional construction process at 
a time when the ASEAN and other regional organizations are supposed to be 
increasingly in charge of the Southeast Asian destiny is what this talk aims to 

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