[Blueboard] CEAP Stand on the US-Iraq Issue

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Tue Feb 18 09:50:03 PHT 2003


The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), composed of 
1,183 member schools, colleges and universities throughout the country, unites 
with fellow Filipinos and members of the world community who stand for PEACE.

As instruments of our faith, our Catholic educational institutions have always 
taught our children to lead the way of peace.  In our schools, we call for 
inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, respect for differences, and 
reverence for life.

Thus, we deplore any act of aggression that would lead to war and its 
consequences – violence, destruction of property, and ultimately and most 
costly, the loss of lives.

As we tremble at the news of the possibility of war, we raise our voices and 
call for peace.  We ask all governments of the world to continue dialogue in 
the search for peace.  Let us end war, rather than start it.  For war is a 
problem, not a solution.  

We call on the United Nations, the United States of America, the North Atlantic 
Treaty Organization, Iraq, North Korea, Al Qaeda, MILF, MNLF, Abu Sayyaf, NPA, 
the Republic of the Philippines and all of us to seek the path of peace and not 
make war an option.  Let us save our world now.  The only other world we have 
is in the after-life.

We call on all Catholic educators to support life, uphold peace.

To this end, we suggest the following activities:
a) organize a forum on the pros and cons of war
b) organize a series of prayer/rosary rallies inside your campus
c) encourage your school constituents to wear white armbands and/or tie white 
ribbons on their vehicles
d) mobilize your school constituents to join the prayer rallies for peace
e) inside and outside your school premises, put banners with the 
message “SUPPORT LIFE, UPHOLD PEACE”, “NO TO WAR, YES TO LIFE” or any similar 
f) fax your letter of support to Vice President Teofisto G. Guingona who called 
for the Filipino people to stand for peace (fax no. 833-8938)
g) fax your school’s position paper to the Office of President Gloria Macapagal-
(fax nos. 736-2495, 733-2107, 736-1010, 7345973/78, 7361033, 7361174, 7342105)

May the God of Peace and Life bless us all.


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