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Sat Feb 15 13:59:49 PHT 2003

Dear Community,

We are inviting everyone to Ateneo CORD's program offerings next month --- a 
Professional Training and Development program this coming March 5-7, 11-14, 19-
21 and a Leadership and Career Development program on March 31, April 1-8. Come 
and avail our 5% start-of-the-year discount as well as a 5% early bird 

Attached are program descriptions for your reference. For interested parties, 
feel free to send email or inquire thru loc. 5263. 

Thanks very much and hope to see you in our programs!


Ambhika Abella

A ten-day intensive program aimed at developing the competencies of HR 
professionals in designing, facilitating, administering and evaluating training 
in their organization.

Module I: Trainer as a Strategic Thinker
This introductory module presents a framework for Strategic Training and 
Development starting off with revisiting company mission, vision and 
strategies. Participants will be equipped with tools in organization diagnosis 
and know-how in identifying competencies. These skills will be used in 
pinpointing problem areas in their organization and prioritizing needs.    

Module II: Training and Development Needs Analysis 
Learners will be taught skills in depicting training and development needs of 
employees thru several data gathering methods. Participants are projected to 
come up with a training and development needs plan for their organization at 
the end of this module.   

Module III: Presentation Skills
Participants will be exposed to guidelines and skills in carrying out an 
effective presentation. In this segment, learners will get a hands-on 
experience in delivering actual presentations. Participants will also be taught 
the development and use of visual aids.    

Module IV: Facilitation Skills
This module focuses on the role of trainers as facilitators of learning and 
change. Participants will be presented with the knowledge on adult learning, 
learning styles, active listening and feedback giving. Skills in facilitating 
focus group discussions, structured learning experiences and running meetings 
will be harnessed through simulations. At the end of the module, participants 
are expected to facilitate a particular group activity. 

Module V: Programme Design
This module focuses on the actual designing of the specific training 
intervention that will address the training needs of an employee or group. 
Participants, in this segment, will be oriented on the proper construction of 
training objectives and the designing of the program content. An array of 
methodologies and aids will also be presented to assist participants in 
constructing their own training program.  

Module VI: Training Administration
An important aspect of training is taking care of logistics and ensuring the 
smooth flow of the program. This module deals with the how-to’s of training 
administration. Tips on the pros and cons of the different room set-ups, proper 
coordination and preparation of pre-workshop materials will be taught through 
interactive exercises.
Module VII: Evaluation 
Evaluation is essential in getting feedback on how the intervention helped or 
hindered the employee in achieving their objectives. This module will 
familiarize the participants with Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation and will 
equip learners with the skills in designing their own training evaluation.     



A seven-day course designed for individuals responsible for the identification, 
assessment and development of leaders in their organization.

Module I: Leadership
This module gives the participants a bird’s-eye view on leadership – its 
definition, its roles, as well as issues and challenges leaders of today are 
facing. Through structured learning exercises and group discussions, learners 
will be able to identify leadership competencies needed in their respective 

Module II: Assessment of Leaders
Learners will be exposed to the different methods of assessing leaders using 
interviews, performance data, assessment centers and personality tests. 
Participants will also get their individual profiles using the Harrison 
Innerview System. At the end of the module, learners are expected to come up 
with interview and observation guides through role-playing and simulations.  

Module III: Career Development
This module presents theories in career development and career and life stages. 

Module IV: Executive Development
The fourth module tackles methods in executive development, its structures and 
some best practices. At the end of this module, participants are expected to 
draft a training and development plan for a particular job in the organization.

Module V: Succession Planning
Participants will be taught how to create a succession plan and how to deal 
with some of the issues that revolves around it. Participants will be asked to 
plot a succession chart building up from the data gathered on the competencies, 
personality type and career development. 


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