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Office of the President

MEMO TO     :            The University Community 

FROM             :            The President

DATE              :            14 February 2003


         Last Saturday, 8 February 2003, a most unfortunate incident occurred involving two personnel from the Office of Planning and Development & Alumni Affairs (OPD&AA) in a major post office in Quezon City.

        Messrs. Noelito Razon and Romy Gauran were on an official errand for the OPD&AA to purchase P40,000.00 worth of stamps at the Central Post Office (CPO) located at NIA Road near East Avenue, to be used for letters for the alumni. The CPO teller received the money, left for the cashier at the 2nd floor, came back after 15 minutes, and accused Lito and Romy of handing over 2 fake P1,000.00 bills. A heated argument ensued between Lito and the cashier. Media and the SWAT arrived on the scene. The CPO Postmaster directed Lito and Romy to give their statements at the Police Precinct Station 10.

        Alumni Affairs Director, Mr. Jun Dalandan, with two other OPD&AA personnel followed to the Police Precinct Station 10 where they stayed on until the release order at 10:30p.m. To this date, no complaint has been filed and so no further action is required from the University. Our deep concern now is to be able to restore whatever damage this has unduly caused Lito and Romy. The University administrators and staff uphold their integrity and commiserate with them and their families.

        Practical matters arising from this experience are now being implemented for the security of our personnel: (1) the use of ultraviolet light to authenticate cash and (2) avoiding, whenever possible, cash transactions and the use of Manager's Checks in its place.

        Our prayers and unequivocal support for Romy and Lito.

                                                                                            BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES, S.J.
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