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 Paris, April 4 {No. 97-54} - World Book and Copyright Day - established in 1995

 by UNESCO’s General Conference - will be celebrated for the second time this 
 April 23 with events encouraging everyone, particularly young people, to 
 discover the joy of reading.

 In choosing April 23 as World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO drew inspiration 
 from a Catalan tradition. On this day in Catalonia, numerous book fairs and 
 street festivals are held and customers are offered a rose with every book they

 buy. By celebrating this Day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote 
 reading,publishing and the protection of intellectual property through 

 April 23 is a symbolic date in world literature, marking the birth or death of 
 such writers as Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and the Inca Garcilaso

 de la Vega. Through its National Commissions and network of associated schools 
 and libraries, UNESCO is encouraging all its Member States to celebrate this 

 through events ranging from book fairs to discounts or donations to hospitals, 
 prison libraries, etc.

 April 23 events are already planned in Australia, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, 
 Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Madagascar,Morocco, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, 
 Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In Spain, a comic book, “Copy’s 
 Adventures,” will be published for this occasion in order to raise awareness 
 about copyright among students and young people. In Mozambique, 15 paintings by

 local artists will be sold at a charity auction to raise funds for youth 
 rehabilitation projects through books and sports. Participants also will be 
 invited to donate new and used books to a stock of five mini-libraries. In 
 Sweden, the association of publishers is donating 35,000 books to schools, 

 will be delivered free of charge by the Post on April 23. In Cuba, UNESCO’s 
 Regional Office for Culture will inaugurate a UNESCO Cultural Library at the 
 Palacio del Segundo Cabo, an 18th century building in the historic centre of 

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