[Blueboard] D E C O D E - Call for online participants

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Wed Apr 9 16:32:24 PHT 2003

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25 June to 30 August 2003
Main + Inner Galleries 
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1108

As the only museum in the country dedicated to the collection, display and 
interpretation of modern Philippine art, the Ateneo Art Gallery is poised to 
engage with the richness and diversity of the art of our time.

As a university art museum, it seeks to animate cultural life on campus and 
serve as an art resource for students as well as the general public.
The Gallery seeks to promote the excellence of contemporary Philippine visual 
expression by providing a forum where various perspectives can meet. It does 
this unmindful of the canons, pantheons or histories that commonly implicate
and complicate the relationships between and among artists and their works.

DECODE is an exhibit that exists in two seperate but interconnected realities: 
the physical and the virtual. It seeks to review what has been done and to 
present what might be coming in the future of digital art in the country. The 
first, largest and most comprehensive show of its kind to be mounted in a major 
Philippine museum, DECODE hopes to let artists express themselves in the 
electronic arts. In this light, the exhibit seeks to be a cradle for artists 
who are both deft in technology and in the arts.

DECODE is divided into two components: a physical installation and an exhibit 
on the Internet. This is a call for the latter. However, if you wish to do a 
physical installation, please contact us.
There will be a non-conventional public terminal for users to explore the 
virtual / online exhibition in the physical space of the Gallery.

The following are the categories for the online exhibition:
Networked - aesthetic software, hardware and/or interfaces that treat the 
network as its own. Included here are web designs that seek to redefine the 
traditional web experience.
Interactive - interactive software art where there is an output for every 
Visual Language - digital video and computer graphics inclusive of generative
systems and non-interactive software art.
Digital Music - electronically produced music through a series of algorithms
or digital instruments.
Please note that works for this component of DECODE will be presented online. 
To ensure full user experience, it is highly recommended that entries be 
optimized for the web.
Should you be interested in doing a physical installation, please contact us
on or before April 25, 2003.

Performances of electronic aesthetics may be proposed. These performances may
be scheduled during the duration of the exhibit.

Please access http://www.instituteofmedia.com/decode/

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