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In our continuous endeavor to give you the best solution to your financial training needs, the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education in cooperation with the Ateneo Information Technology Institute (AITI) is offering another modular course for business professionals.  This is the second of a series of courses on Finance and Accounting.


The first module Accounting for Non-Accountants (ANA Module I) is focused on the application of fundamental accounting concepts and fluency on the different Financial Statements.


This new and advanced module is entitled Automating Financial Reports  (ANA Module II). It focuses on the implementation of fundamental accounting concepts in the real world using a spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel 2000).  This interactive module will also allow you to automate your firm's financial reports such as General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement with great ease, accuracy and speed.


For reservations and inquiries please call 840-0912 & 840-0892 and look for Tina & Malu. Moreover, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can directly enroll to the second module without taking the pre-requisite module (ANA Module I). In addition, we are giving a special 10% discount for those participants who have attended ANA Module 1 and those who are enrolling for both modules (ANA Module I and II). 


         Module:           Automating Financial Reports  (ANAModule II)        

         Date:              October 21 - 23, 2002

         Days:              Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 

         Time:              9:00 am to 6:00pm

         Fee:                P5,500.00

                    (Inclusive of tuition, training kit. am & pm snacks & a certificate)



It has always been our goal at the Ateneo to provide you with the best training solution to your Finance and IT Training needs to maximize your productivity at the workplace.


Thank you and we look forward to a continuing business relationship with you.



Sincerely yours,

Mr. Edwin T. Canonizado




AutomatingFinancial Reports

                     ANA 2 






The interactive module is intended for participants who want to automate their firm's financial reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement with great ease, accuracy and speed. Participants will become fluent in implementing fundamental accounting concepts in the real world using a spreadsheet application. This module is also an excellent tool for participants who have minimal financial background and want to refresh on relevant accounting terms for the preparation of effective financial reports. 




I.    Review of the Accounting Cycle

II.   Introduction to the Spreadsheet Application

      1.   Concepts on Electronic Spreadsheets

      2.   Using an Electronic Spreadsheet           

III. Manipulating Spreadsheet Data

      1.  Creating the Chart of Accounts 

      2.  Entering of Business Transactions 

IV. Automating the Financial Reports

      1.   Designing of the Financial Reports  

2.      Formulating Functions for the

      Financial Reports

3.      Linking the Different Financial Reports



A successful participant will:

.maximize the use of a spreadsheet application (MS Excel) to build their         financial reports.

.automate the recording, classifying and summarizing of their business transactions

.present their financial statements meaningfully.

.assess the impact of business decisions through use of built-in financial functions

     in the spreadsheet application.








Mr. Vergara is currently an IT Education Consultant at the Ateneo Information Technology Institute (AITI) where he regularly conducts various workshops and seminars in Information Technology.  His areas of expertise include developing of training materials for business application software and object-based programming.  Previously, Mr. Vergara has given lectures abroad on application development skills and programming on a Client/Server environment.

Mr. Vergara also developed a module, which integrates Information Technology in Finance and Accounting.   The module entitled Automating Financial Reports enhances operational capacity and efficiency of tasks involved in Finance.

Mr. Vergara received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration major in Management and Accounting.   He is also pursuing an MBA degree.

Tina Aguirre Agustin

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