[Blueboard] Ways of seeing, manners of speaking

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Thu Sep 19 18:46:01 PHT 2002

COLONIZING FILIPINAS, by Elizabeth Mary Holt, is a pioneering work in the 
study of US-Philippine relations in that it looks at Woman/women and 
sexuality in the context of colonial power and gender issues. The author 
examines such varied texts as newspaper articles, paintings, photographs, 
travel narratives and cartoons to demonstrate how the American conquest was 
carried through at the level of discourse and representation in early 
nineteenth century. At the same time, as Dr. Reynaldo Ileto writes in the 
foreword, the book does not just show how colonial power was wielded this 
way, but also "highlights local knowledges that threatened to 
disrupt the colonial ordering of things." 

PAHIWATIG: Kagawiang Pangkomunikasyon ng Filipino, by Melba Padilla 
Maggay, is similarly groundbreaking work as it probes the depths of 
ambiguity, a culture theme which can be seen in the way we communicate 
with each other. (Note, for example, the  countless ways through which we 
say "no" without really saying it outright, perhaps for fear of hurting 
the other person's feelings?) Maggay analyzes our use of words, and the 
culture inscripted in non-verbal codes like body movements and gestures, 
the use of space, sense of time and cognitive orientation. It also reveals 
startling insights on how we use mass media and its relation to the 
rhetorical conventions of a literate but still largely oral society. 

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