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(Thursday, 19 September 2002)

POWER: The campus is undergoing expansion adjustment problems. Power demand increases with the addition of new facilities, equipment and infrastructure. Additional transformers, underground high tension cables, circuit breakers and fuse link cutouts have to be installed. The number of path walks, carparks and building security lights have to be increased. 

The LHS carpark has is now lighted and streetlights have been installed along the diversion road. More lights will be installed at North carpark as it is the main carpark for the Church of the Gesu. Lights will also be provided for the planned faculty and staff carpark southwest of the PLDT CTC and JGSOM buildings. 

To comply with the National Building Code (P.D. 1096), the Mechanical Engineering Law (R.A. 8495) and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (P.D. 442), Ateneo has to form a university-wide Safety and Health Committee. This requirement must be complied with in order to secure a Certificate of Operation for the new facilities. This committee will be organized next month.

COMMUNICATION: Upgrading of the Internet network infrastructure by the Campus Network Group is ongoing. This includes the deployment of an anti-virus program. 

Additional telephone cables have been installed to provide direct lines and PABX locals to buildings under construction. The number of PABX locals in the High School will double after the HS Science Building is completed.

WATER: The twenty cisterns and overhead tanks on campus have been cleaned. Water samples will be submitted to the Biology Department for potability tests. Results should be ready by the end of the month.

The Ateneo is fortunate to have this network of cisterns and overhead tanks. The projected El Nino late this October will not be as harsh on campus because of this water backup system. Water supply on campus will be regulated based on available supply from MWC. 

TRAFFIC: As of Wednesday, 18 September 15,502 gate pass stickers have been issued, more than a thousand stickers over the number issued last year. More gate pass stickers means more vehicles, which translates to heavier traffic on and off campus during peak hours. As mentioned in the 2 September 2002 Situation Report: 

Thirty-eight campus guards manage traffic on weekdays under the following constraints: 

  1.. Five hundred (500) vehicles queued bumper-to-bumper can fill up the campus road network. 

  2.. Only about 4,000 parking slots all over the campus are available for transient and long-term parking on campus. 

  3.. Campus traffic and Katipunan/C5 traffic have a domino effect. Cars going or coming from Ateneo affect traffic on Katipunan/C5 and vice versa. 

  4.. When it rains, traffic slows down on-campus and off-campus regardless of what the guards do. 

What is being done?

  1.. Sustained campaign to educate drivers to observe traffic and parking rules. 

  2.. Continuous maintenance of campus roads and carparks for faster flow of traffic. The West carpark is used by vehicles as an extension of the diversion road and needs to be asphalted. Asphalt paving will be done during the semestral break and funds for the project will be drawn from the DCB.Sticker fund. 

  3.. Consistent enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. 

  4.. Full cooperation and support for MMDA 's efforts to improve traffic on and off campus. 

MMDA Chairman Bayani F. Fernando has called a meeting today to explore the feasibility of a bus franchise along Katipunan Road and Ortigas Avenue to transport students and to determine possible pick-up points. The meeting involves LTFRB and LTO with bus operators associations (INTERBOA, IMBOA, and MMBOA). Schools invited are Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle Greenhills, ICA, Jubilee Christian College, Koska, Miriam, O.B. Montessori, Poveda, St. Paul Quezon City, UP Diliman, and Xavier School. The community will be informed of the outcome of this proposal. 

A new Pajero whose driver fell asleep while driving wrecked the College Lane boom near University Drive mid-morning yesterday. The driver had dropped his female student passenger before the accident happened. The freak accident occurred when campus traffic was very light. 

   Image can be Viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter190902.htm

Most accidents occur when traffic is heavy and drivers eager to enter or leave the campus tend to be reckless. There were twelve (12) accidents in June, seven (7) in July, and twenty (20) in August. As of yesterday, 18 September seven (7) accidents already occurred, not counting the Pajero incident. 

PARKING: Campus carparks are adequate provided students settle for available slots rather than crowd in carparks closest to their classrooms. The Northwest carpark is more than adequate for chauffeur-driven cars. Only the faculty and staff of Loyola Schools face a parking shortage. This problem is being looked into and should be improved by the second semester when additional parking spaces have been constructed. 

Drinking in the Northwest carparks has stopped. However, the drivers have resumed their gambling activities. Campus security has not succeeded in catching drivers as the games break up when security moves in. A scheme is being worked out where the license plates of vehicles in a suspected area are listed and reported to the Assoc. Dean for Student Services (ADSS) and the Associate Principal for Student Affairs (APSA). The idea is to inform the students of the possible involvement of their drivers in gambling. Hopefully the parents will then warn their drivers not to gamble on campus. Below are the license plates, sticker number and school unit:

Plate Number                              Sticker Number
 WDP - 562                   G - 00190 Loyola Schools (LS)
 UFM - 427                    G- 04502 LS
 WDB - 159                   G - 03927 LS
 UGW - 535                   G - 05019 LS (sticker should be for vehicle 
                                                           TRU - 648 - student transferred 
                                                           the sticker to another vehicle)
 WBR - 673                   G - 01024 LS
 WKJ - 528                    G - 06035 LS
 WBU - 848                   G - 05679  High School
 WHL - 763                    G - 04710  LS
 WTC - 131                    G - 03383  LS
 JGS - 168                     G - 04282  LS
 UKA - 524                    G - 03448  LS (sticker should be for vehicle 
                                                            UKH - 528 - student transferred 
                                                            the sticker to another vehicle)
 UKM - 715                    G - 03785  LS
 TRU - 648                     G - 08010 High School
 UBB - 968                     G - 08700  LS
 WMK - 484                   G - 01489  LS
 UHY - 769                     G - 06449  LS
 WPS - 933                    G - 02278  LS
 WLT - 287                     G - 04525  LS
 TGG - 773                     G - 08366  LS

SECURITY:  Two cars were broken into in the first quarter. One lost a stereo set and other personal belongings at the East carpark. In the case of the second car, the thief damaged the door lock but failed to open the car. Campus security has since intensified patrols in carparks. This counter measure seems to have been effective. However, the guards continue to find student cars left open as shown below for the month of September alone: 

03 Sept.- Toyota Corolla (WHT-396) Unlocked door - East carpark
03         - Nissan Sentra (USU-507) Unlocked door - East carpark
11         - Honda Civic (UHD-317) Unlocked door - West carpark
11         - Honda CRV (ESE-777) Unlocked door - West carpark
12         - Toyota Corolla (WFG-948) Key left at Trunk compartment East carpark
13         - Honda Civic (UHD-317) Unlocked door 2nd time West carpark
16         - Toyota Corolla (TAK-994) Unlocked door - North carpark
17         - Toyota Corolla (WFG-241) Unlocked door - Gate 3 near Blue Billboard

The most common reason given by students for failure to lock their vehicles is that they are late for class. It is fortunate that none of these vehicles were broken into or carnapped. Increasing the number of guards on campus will not prevent car break-ins and possible carnapping if drivers are careless and negligent. 

Traditionally the incidence of thief increases towards December. Chances are there will be more attempts this year because of economic difficulties. This assessment is supported by the increase in the number of intruders intercepted lately, the latest of whom was "Mario P. Guevarra" was as back on campus for the fourth time. Security continues to receive reports of lost wallets and mobile phones. 

Of greater concern is the incidence of losses in offices without signs of break-in. While office occupants have generally been more security-conscious and have instituted measures to secure offices, more vigilance is needed. All offices are reminded not to keep cash and valuables inside drawers and filing cabinets. 

TRASH SORTING AT SOURCE: The High School's "Garbage Segregation Scheme" in classrooms and in the cafeteria is continuing. The Grade School and the Loyola Schools have also set up their own programs. These efforts will be evaluated at the end of the semester.


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