[Blueboard] Batingaw: Cinemanila 2002 Best Short Film

Rowena Marquez jcf at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Wed Sep 4 14:43:02 PHT 2002

Jesuit Communications is proud to announce that its short film,
BATINGAW, was judged Best Short Film in the last Cinemanila Film
Festival, besting entries from all over the world.

BATINGAW follows the journey of a young man, in search of himself and
his place in the world.  As he carries the bell that is his burden, he
arrives at what could be called, for all intents and purposes, the end
of the world: the dumpsite of Payatas.  As he meets the people of
Payatas, he hears the call of a deeper bell, which is nothing other than
the whisper of his soul.  And he discovers that perhaps squalor and
sorrow do not hold sway at the end of the world, that there is light
hidden in the depths of darkness and poverty.

BATINGAW is produced by Jesuit Communications, directed and edited by
Lawrence Cordero, with music by Bro. Arnel dC Aquino, SJ.  The script
was written by Froi Medina, narrated by Bro. Nono Alfonso, SJ and
features Bro. Francis Alvarez, SJ as the young man in search of his

The award is a milestone in the existence of Jesuit Communications and
serves as an inspiration to strive all the more to achieve its mission
of evangelizing through the good use of media.

BATINGAW will soon be released on video by Jesuit Communications.

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