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(Monday, 2 September 2002)

TRAFFIC:  Approximately 15,281 gate pass stickers have been issued as of 31 August 2002.  Of the total, 1,767 stickers have been issued to Ateneo and affiliated units' personnel.  The total number of stickers issued this year topped the number of stickers issued last year by over 1,000 stickers.  The increase in the number of vehicles on campus has resulted in:

1.  Heavier traffic during rush hours: arrival of 4,178 Grade School and 2,286 High School students for classes; dismissal time several times during the day; and overlapping activities during the week.  The 8,103 Loyola
Schools students come in and out of campus during the day after the Grade
School and High School.  
2.  Vehicular accidents on campus: twelve (12) incidents of minor vehicular accidents in June, seven (7) in July and twenty (20) in August.  August stands out for two drivers inflicting physically injuries to each other due to a disagreement over a vehicular accident.  

Thirty-eight campus guards manage traffic on weekdays under the following

1. Five hundred (500) vehicles queued bumper-to-bumper can fill up the campus road network.  
2. Only about 4,000 parking slots all over the campus are available for transient and long-term parking on campus.  
3. Campus and Katipunan/C5 traffic are two sides of a coin.  Cars going or coming from Ateneo affect traffic on Katipunan/C5 and vice versa.
4. When it rains, traffic slows down on-campus and off-campus regardless of what the guards do.

What can be done?

1. Fine-tune the scheduling of classes and activities of the different units to minimize overlapping.
2. Keep up with the maintenance of campus road network and carparks to speed up flow of traffic.
3. Enforce and educate drivers to observe traffic and parking rules.
4. Solicit cooperation and support of the community for traffic scheme on campus.

MMDA Chairman Bayani F. Fernando in a meeting with representatives from Poveda Learning Center, La Salle Greenhills, Xavier School, Immaculate Concepcion Academy, and Ateneo last 27 August 2002 proposed the use of shuttle buses to improve traffic in these schools.  The idea is to reduce the number of vehicles concentrated in a limited area during peak periods.  

Ateneo offered to provide MMDA with a profile of the student population to determine where they come from and the routes they take.  The community will be kept posted with developments regarding this proposal.

In the meantime, starting today the Rockwell Center Association, Inc. will offer Shuttle Service from EDSA corner Estrella to the Center's inner streets (Hidalgo, Lopez, Amorsolo & Plaza Drives and vice versa from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The fare of PhP5.00 per head will be charged to commuters from any location to another within the Center along the shuttle route.  The sketch showing the area covered by the shuttle service is shown in the University Physical Plant's Webpage:

The leaflets circulated among tricycle drivers two or three weeks ago calling for a strike is a dud.  A meeting was called among tricycle drivers to:

1. Tell them that campus traffic rules and regulations will be strictly implemented even if the City Government does not implement rules off campus.
2. Inform them that they have the option not to enter the campus.  However, if they secure an Ateneo gate pass sticker, they are compelled to ferry passengers to the campus.  
3. Require them to undergo periodic exhaust emission tests as a condition to their continued entry on campus.

The LPTODA and LHTODA will comply.  There will be no disruption of tricycle service on campus.

SECURITY:  Losses in offices remain a serious concern.  There were two (2) reported cases in June, six (6) in July and seven (7) in August.  Only one of the fifteen (15) cases involved an attempted break-in.  

Since classes started, there is only one reported case of a car break-in on 22 August at the East carpark.  The car stereo and personal belongings inside the car were stolen.  On the same day, an attempted car break-in was reported at the SDC parking area.  Fortunately, only the lock was damaged and nothing was stolen.  

Measures taken to minimize losses:

1. School units and offices have set up their respective internal security measures.
2. Much needed additional guards have been hired to secure vulnerable areas.  It should be mentioned that security guards could not secure facilities during traffic rush hour as they are deployed in traffic management.
3.Additional security lights have been installed on campus.
4.Leopard Security and Investigation Agency (LSIA) has been asked to conduct a security survey to improve security measures on campus.  
5. LSIA security guards have been reshuffled to improve performance. Non-performing guards have been relieved and replaced.

The LSIA guards assigned in the Loyola Schools complex attended the seminar on "Character Enhancement in the Security Workforce" provided by the Ateneo Schools Parents Council (ASPAC).  The whole day seminar was held last
Saturday, 31 August 2002 at the Baex Room of Eliazo Residence Hall.  The seminar was possible through the efforts of Ms. Charo O. Simons, ASPAC Security Committee Chair.  The guards learned a lot and appreciated very much the concern and support of the ASPAC.

PARKING:  Designating parking areas for school units proved problematic and ineffective in improving parking on campus.  The scheme has been shelved for the meantime.

A waiting shed and enclosed urinal for drivers at the NW carpark are now in place and extensively used.  Remedial patchings of potholes and levelings of carparks are done continuously to reduce the potholes caused by the rainy season.  

POWER:  The scheduled five-hour Barangka grid outage yesterday morning was needed to relocate the grid's fuse cutout from outside to Ateneo property. It is now located in an area that is more accessible area and free of obstruction.  The job was completed in two hours and power was restored at 10:00 a.m.  

The four-hour Katipunan grid outage yesterday afternoon was needed to maintain the grid's cutout fuse and load break switch.  Again, work was completed earlier than anticipated and power was restored at 1:40 p.m.

WATER:  Despite measures to mark underground utility lines (power, communication and water), construction workers still accidentally damage water lines.  Water lines are particularly susceptible to accidents, as they are not encased in concrete.  Repairs are immediately done so as not to disrupt water supply.  However, it is not possible to ensure potability
of water supply before and during repair work.  To ensure that drinking water for the community is safe, potability tests are regularly conducted.  

Quarterly cleaning of cisterns and overhead tanks is scheduled this week. Immediately after cleaning, water samples will be taken for potability tests.   


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