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(Monday, 28 October 2002)

POWER: A Barangka grid outage is scheduled this Thursday, 31 October:

Time: 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Coverage: All buildings within the Barangka grid except San Jose Major Seminary.
Reason: To allow the maintenance crew to trim the trees touching the high tension cables so that the branches do not come incontact with the cables and cause a system breakdown. 

Time: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Coverage: High School, Moro Lorenzo Sports Center and EAPI Hostels.
Reason: To relocate the current transformers in preparation for the installation of the High School 1000 KVA pad mounted transformer.

COMMUNICATION: The renovation of De la Costa Hall may require the relocation of the internet, telephone and power distribution lines. Options are being considered now to do this with the minimum disruption in services to the Social Science building and Rizal Library. 

SECURITY: Around 9:00 p.m. last Thursday, 24 October Roldan Reyes snatched the bag of a Burger King employee in the middle of the pedestrian overpass. The snatcher sprayed the victim with tear gas before snatching her bag. The victim resisted and shouted for help. This prompted the snatcher to again spray and manhandle her before escaping. The Ateneo guard at the pedestrian overpass responded to the victim's call by sounding the alarm and pursuing the snatcher. Two other guards on motorcycles intercepted the snatcher about 50 meters north of the overpass outside the Ateneo fence. 


Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation281002.htm

25 years old, resident of 13 Banaba Street, Nangka, Marikina City

Bystanders also pursued the snatcher and started mauling him while in the custody of Ateneo guards. The guards took him to the security office where the victim recovered her bag and positively identified him. The victim contacted her mother and relatives who came to help her. The snatcher was turned over to the PNP Precinct 9 after he and the victim were examined at the Quirino Memorial General Hospital. Security Guard (SG) Gil S Ravina, Jr, Shift-in-Charge (SIC) Orlando P Manzala, and Joel B Estacion are commended for a job well done in apprehending the snatcher. 

The incidence of snatching, hold-ups and robberies tend to increase towards the Christmas season. This trend can be reversed if the community remains vigilant and careful. To start off, all motorists are reminded to lock their vehicles when parked. Security again found two unlocked vehicles at the High School carpark: 

Date              Unlocked cars         License/Sticker No.          Owner

24 Oct      Toyota Corolla Gray         TGL-445 / E-137           High School Faculty 
                Nissan Sentra Blue         WCS-942 / E-052          High School Faculty 

Starting 4 November 2002, the names of careless owners will be included in the Situation Report. Security is everybody's concern. The 51 day-shift guards and 31 night-shift guards in the Loyola Heights campus cannot effectively secure the campus without the help of the 15,000 community members. The same is true for APS-Rockwell and APS-Salcedo. Given this constraint, the community is requested to actively share the responsibility of securing the campus by:

1.Displaying or wearing ID and encouraging others to do the same. 
2.Not leaving bags, backpacks and belongings unattended. 
3.Reporting suspicious unattended bags, backpacks or boxes in lobbies, toilets, or near trashcans to security guards. 
4.Cooperating with security checks that are conducted periodically. 

Given the current security threat, additional security measures have been taken in the three campuses such as:

1.Use of metal detectors in screening bags and packages.
2.Issuance of shotguns to guards. 
3.Deployment of additional guards.

TRAFFIC: Campus security is mandated to protect life and property, and to maintain peace and order. The added task of managing campus traffic is peculiar to the Loyola Heights campus. Securing the Loyola Heights campus and keeping traffic moving at the same time have proven difficult to accomplish to everybody's satisfaction. 

Many complain that security guards are not strict enough. Many more are vocal and resentful of the inconvenience of being accosted at the gates. In judging campus security, please consider:

1. Over 15,549 gate pass stickers have been issued as of 26 October 2002. Approximately 12,000 vehicles enter and leave the Loyola Heights campus on school days. Vehicles that enter and leave the Ateneo during rush hours constitute the bulk of traffic on Katipunan.

2. In addition to vehicles with gate pass stickers, there are hundreds more entering the campus as visitors of affiliated units and users of facilities. Outsiders use the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center, College Covered Courts, High School Covered Courts and Grade School Covered Courts, the Blue Eagle Gym, the football fields and Irwin Theatre. Affiliated units (ISO, PIPAC, Manila Observatory, AIR, Sonolux, Cefam, LHS, LST etc.) also have clients entering the campus. Campus facilities are used seven days a week.

Thorough checking of vehicles and pedestrians are not possible during rush hours without blocking or slowing down traffic on and off-campus. Reconciling security and traffic objectives to everybody's satisfaction is not possible at this time. There is not much campus security can do about this at the moment. 

PARKING: At least thirty (30) parking slots will be affected by the renovation of De la Costa Hall. The faculty and staff of offices in the Social Science building, Faura Hall and Rizal Library will have parking problems in the second semester. Pressure on the Gonzaga carpark will be intensified now that there are more offices at the JGSOM building. 

Another carpark is now being developed to solve this problem. Unfortunately, this additional carpark will take three weeks to complete. The JGSOM carpark will be ready for use on 25 November 2002. 

MAINTENANCE: This is to acknowledge the donation of 17 Ilang Ilang tree seedlings to the University last 22 October by the family of ATTY. MANUEL P. SANTIAGO '61, '65. 

Engr. Josephy F. Almosera, M.E. of the University Physical Plant Office has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Quezon City Industrial Safety Council, Inc. for a two-year term. This development will be helpful in Ateneo's working relations with the Quezon City Engineer's Office.


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Situation Report of 28 October 2002 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm
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