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Ateneo de Manila University


24 October 2002




                          Secretary of the Board


  SUBJECT   :    Nominations for the Honorary Degree(s) and Annual Awards



            The Honors and Awards Committee of the Board of Trustees is inviting nominations for the Honorary Degree(s) and the Lux in Domino Award to be presented at the March 2003 Commencement Exercises and other University Awards to be conferred at separate ceremonies in July 2003.


            Attached are copies of the University policy on honorary degrees, a brief statement on annual awards and a listing of awardees to date.


            Nominations (together with the nominee's bio-data and rationale for nomination) may be submitted to the Honors and Awards Committee, c/o the Office of the President.  These will be initially presented to the Board of Trustees at its meeting on 16 November 2002.  The decision on Honorary Degree(s) and Annual Awards will be made at the Board of Trustees meeting in February 2003.  The deadline for submission is 28 October 2002.


            The members of the Committee are the following:


            * Mr. Eduardo L. David - Acting Chairman

               Fr. Catalino G. Arevalo, S.J.

               Dr. Alfredo R. A. Bengzon

               Dr. Anna Miren Gonzalez-Intal

               Dr. Mahar Mangahas

               Dr. Mary Racelis

               Dr. Soledad S. Reyes




The members of the Sub-Committees are the following:

            University Search Committee


               Fr. Jose M. Cruz, S.J. - Acting Chair 
               Mr. Rodolfo C. Allayban

               Mr. Benjamin S. Bautista

               Mr. Jose A. Capistrano, Jr.

               Mr. Romeo A. Dalandan, Jr.

            * Mr. Eduardo L. David

               Atty. Enrico M. Ingles
                    Dr. Anna Miren Gonzalez-Intal

               Dr. Emmanuel T. Velasco


            Bukas-Palad Award in memory of 

            Fr. Manuel Peypoch

               Fr. Catalino G. Arevalo, S.J. -Chairman

               Fr. Gabriel Baldostamon, CP          

               Sr. Mary Gertrude Borres, R.A.

               Fr. Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J.

               Fr. Daniel P.L. Huang, S.J.

               Mrs. Ma. Teresa D. Ingles

               Sr. Josefina Nebres, ICM

               Fr. Steven C. Zabala


            Ozanam Award

            * Dr. Ramon C. Reyes - Chairman

               Dr. Fernando T. Aldaba

               Dr. Manuel B. Dy, Jr.

               Fr. Jesus V. Fernandez, S.J.

               Msgr. Patricio H. Lim

               Fr. Jose C. J. Magadia, S.J.

               Dr. Carmela D. Ortigas


            Tanglaw ng Lahi Award

               Mr. Ambeth R. Ocampo - Acting Chair

   Mr. Salvador F. Bernal
               Dr. Rofel G. Brion

                Fr. Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J.

               Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia

               Mr. Ramon E. S. Lerma

               Mr. Onofre R. Pagsanghan      

               Fr. Nemesio S. Que, S.J.

            * Fr. Jose R. T. Villarin, S.J.


            Honorary Degree/

            Commencement Speaker


            * Fr. Jose M. Cruz, S.J. - Chair

               Dr. Antonette P. Angeles

               Mr. Alberto L. Buenviaje

            * Mr. Eduardo L. David

               Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit

               Dr. Anna Miren Gonzalez-Intal

               Msgr. Patricio H. Lim

               Fr. Nemesio S. Que, S.J.

               Dr. Soledad S. Reyes   

               Graduating Class Representative


            Lux-in-Domino Award


               Mr. Jose M. Santos - Chairman 

               Mr. Jose A. Capistrano, Jr.

               Mr. Romeo A. Dalandan, Jr.

               Fr. Luis S. David, S.J.

               Dr. Anna Marie A. Karaos

               Ms. Concepcion L. Rosales

               Mr. Aniceto M. Sobrepeña

               Mr. Hector O. Tagaysay


            Government Service Award


               Dr. Alfredo R. A. Bengzon -Chairman

               Ms. Henedina R. Abad

               Dr. Fernando T. Aldaba

            * Fr. Romeo J. Intengan, S.J.

               Dr. Angelita Gregorio-Medel

               Dr. Emma E. Porio

            * Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Soriano


            Public Service Award


            * Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Soriano - Chair

               Mrs. Teresita D. Baltazar

               Mr. Rene S. R. San Andres

               Mrs. Teresita Ang-See

               Dr. Stephen Henry S. Totanes

               Fr. Noel D. Vasquez, S.J.

   * Trustee                                                                          





1.         Members of the Ateneo Board of Trustees should be excluded from receiving an honorary degree during their term on the Board.


2.         University faculty and administrators should be excluded from receiving an honorary degree during their term of service to the University.


3.         Although ordinarily Jesuits (being members of the "family") should not be considered for honorary degrees, Jesuits outside the Ateneo who have made an outstanding contribution in some field of endeavour should not necessarily be excluded from consideration.


4.         The honoree should be outstanding in his field and recognized as such.


5.         The honoree should also be distinguished for his integrity and probity.  He should be someone the Ateneo feels honored to make an alumnus.  He need not be a friend of the Ateneo nor necessarily well disposed to the Ateneo; as long as he implements some of the ideals for which the Ateneo stands, this should be sufficient.


6.         Distinguished philanthropists who have used their money wisely in support of a good cause or institution which has benefited the country or segments of the people may also be considered for an honorary degree.


7.         Those distinguished for humanitarian services, that is, one who gives of himself in a good cause and for the benefit of others may also be considered.


8.         According to CHED Memorandum Order No. 50 (series of 1996), only the following honorary degrees may be conferred:  Doctor of Humanities (H.D.); Doctor of Laws (LL.D.); Doctor of Music (Mus.D.); Doctor of Literature (Litt.D.); Doctor of Science (Sc.D.); and Doctor of Pedagogy (P.D.).




12 August 2002




1960        Paulino J. Garcia                                    Doctor of Science 
                Rufino J. Cardinal Santos                       Doctor of Humane Letters
1961        Jose P. Bantug                                       Doctor of Humane Letters 
                H. Otley Beyer                                      Ph.D. (Anthropology)
                Jaime C. de Veyra                                 Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Hyacinth Gabriel, F.S.C.                        Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Allan Nevins                                          Doctor of Humane Letters
1962        Hans M. Menzi                                      Ph.D. (Business Administration)
                Golda Meir                                            Ph.D. (Political Science)
1963        Fernando Zobel de Ayala y Montejo      Doctor of Humane Letters
1964        Cesar Bengzon                                      Doctor of Laws
1965        Raul J. Manglapus                                 Doctor of Laws 
                Stephen H. Fuller                                  Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Horacio V. dela Costa, S.J.                   Doctor of Humane Letters
1966        Oscar Ledesma                                     Doctor of Laws 
                Frank H. Golay                                     Doctor of Laws 
                Jesus Diaz, O.P.                                    Doctor of Humane Letters
1967        William F. Masterson, S.J.                     Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Jesus E. Perpinan                                   Doctor of Laws 
                Jose Yulo                                              Doctor of Laws
1968        Waldo S. Perfecto                                 Ph.D. (Education)
1969        Joaquin P. Roces                                   Doctor of Humane Letters
1970        Mercedes Concepcion                           Doctor of Humane Letters
1971        Jose B.L. Reyes                                     Doctor of Humane Letters
1972        Jaime N. Ferrer                                      Ph.D. (Public Administration)
1974        Cesar Enrique A. Virata                         Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Van Cliburn                                           Doctor of Humane Letters
1975        Sixto K. Roxas                                      Doctor of Humane Letters
1976        Francis-Hubert Lambrecht, CICM         Doctor of Humane Letters
1977        Francis Madigan, S.J.                             Doctor of Science
1979        Cecilia Muñoz Palma                              Doctor of Humane Letters
1980        Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D.                    Doctor of Humane Letters
1982        Vicente T. Paterno                                 Doctor of Humane Letters
1983        Lorenzo M. Tañada                               Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Agostino Cardinal Cassaroli                   Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Joseph Cardinal Hoffner                        Doctor of Humane Letters
1985        Bienvenido A. Tan, Jr.                           Doctor of Humane Letters
1986        Claudio Teehankee                                Doctor of Humane Letters
                Corazon C. Aquino                                Doctor of Humane Letters
1987        Vicente R. Jayme                                   Doctor of Humane Letters
1988        Antonio Y. Fortich, D.D.                        Doctor of Humane Letters
1989        Alfredo R. A. Bengzon                           Doctor of Science
1990        Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J.                           Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Joachim Cardinal Meisner                       Doctor of Humane Letters
1991        Onofre R. Pagsanghan                            Doctor of Humane Letters
1992        Dioscoro L. Umali                                  Doctor of Science
1993        Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, D.D.               Doctor of Humane Letters
                Francis X. Clark, S.J.                              Doctor of Humane Letters
1994        Gelia T. Castillo                                       Doctor of Science
1995        Christian S. Monsod                                Doctor of Laws
1996        Alejandro R. Roces                                 Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Anwar Ibrahim                                        Doctor of Humane Letters 
                Anscar J. Chupungco, O.S.B.                  Doctor of Humane Letters
                Helmut Kohl                                            Doctor of Humanities
1997        Fidel V. Ramos                                        Doctor of Humanities
                Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou Hwan             Doctor of Humanities
1998        William Cardinal Keeler                            Doctor of Humanities 
                Pedro Santiago de Achutegui, S.J.            Doctor of Humanities
                Catalino G. Arevalo, S.J.                          Doctor of Humanities
1999        Archbishop Giuseppe Pittau, S.J., D.D.    Doctor of Humanities
2000        Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy, A.C.        Doctor of Humanities 
                Patricia B. Licuanan                                  Doctor of Humanities 
                Delfín Colomé                                           Doctor of Humanities
2001        Hilario G. Davide, Jr.                                Doctor of Humanities
                Bernardo Ma. Perez, OSB                        Doctor of Humanities
2002        Miguel A. Bernad, S.J.                              Doctor of Humanities 
                Fe del Mundo, M.D.                                 Doctor of Science 

12 August 2002



Ozanam Award

            The Ozanam Award was founded by the Ateneo de Manila in 1937 for the purpose of giving public honor to those persons who have given distinctive and continued service to their fellowmen in accordance with the principles of Justice and of Charity.  It is given only to laymen or laywomen, and it is intended to emphasize the fact that the Catholic is also a Citizen, and that the better the Catholic, and the more closely he lives up to the social teachings of the Catholic Church, the better citizen he is.  The Award is named after Frederick Ozanam, the great French leader, who founded the St. Vincent de Paul Society for the relief of the poor.


1937                      Augusto Cortez

1938                      Aurora A. Quezon

1939                      Mariano Santos

1948                      Benjamin Gaston

1949                      Josefa Gonzales de Estrada

1953                      Lulu Reyes Besa

1954                      Lorenzo Tañada

1957                      Jesus M. Tan

1959                      Jesus A. Paredes, Jr.                       (Posthumous)

1960                      Felicidad Alvarez Silva

1961                      Francisco Ortigas, Jr.

1966                      Josefina Constantino

1968                      Most Rev. Msgr. Antonio Y. Fortich, D.D.              

1969                      Onofre Pagsanghan

1970                      Maximo Soliven

1971                      Juan C. Tan

1976                      Jesus de Veyra

1977                      Antonio V. Ayala                      (Posthumous)

                             Antonio B. Lambino, Sr.

1978                      Christian Family Movement

1979                      Genaro V. Ong, Jr.                       (Posthumous)

1980                      Jesus dela Paz

                             Trinidad dela Paz

1981                      Miguel A. Magsaysay

1982                      Victor J. Baltazar

1984                      Francisco "Soc" Rodrigo

1986                      Howard Q. Dee

1988                      Jose Ma. Lucas

1989                      Leonor C. Sevilla

1990                      Fasters for the Forest of Bukidnon

1991                      Mina M. Ramirez

                             Ronald P. Guzman

                             Robert P. Guzman

1993                      Ernesto D. Garilao

1994                      Hector D. & Corazon Juliano-Soliman

                             Eddie G. & Florencia Casanova-Dorotan

1995                      Billie Mary "Betty" Go-Belmonte (Posthumous)

1996                      Couples for Christ

1997                      Ma. Teresa F. Nieva

1998                                           Teresita D. Baltazar

1999                                          Jose T. & Teresita Quintos-Deles

2000                                         Rey Magno Teves

2001                    Rosemarie M. Cabrera  (Posthumous)

2002                    Ma. Cecilia H. Magsaysay



12 August 2002



Bukas-Palad Award in Memory of Fr. Manuel Peypoch


            The Award, originally Peypoch Award, was first given in 1963 to Msgr. Jose Jovellanos.  It is named in memory of Fr. Manuel Peypoch of the Society of Jesus who taught at the Ateneo de Manila.  It is intended for clergy, religious men and women, not as a reward to the recipient, but as a reminder to our own students that there are men and women here in the Philippines who have dedicated their lives to God and to the Church and who work unselfishly for the good of their neighbor.


            The Award was renamed BUKAS-PALAD AWARD to capture the Ignatian spirit of "Generosity" and to give recognition to the unconditional, dedicated service of Religious in Christ's Kingdom.



1963                     Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jose N. Jovellanos

1966                     Rt. Rev. Msgr. Domingo Librea

1971                     Rev. Luis Jalandoni

1972                     Rev. William J. Galvin, M.M.

1974                     Rev. Henry L. Irwin, S.J.

                            Rev. John A. Pollock, S.J.

1975                     Rev. Leo Hofstee, O.P.

1976                     Rev. Thomas McMahon, C.Sr.R.

1977                     Sr. Redempta Biltereyst, I.C.M.

1978                     Rev. Walter B. Hogan, S.J.

1979                     Rev. Ruben Villote

1980                     Most Rev. Gerard Mongeau, O.M.I.

1981                     Rev. Leo A. Cullum, S.J.

1982                     Sr. Auxilindis Streibel, S.Sp.S.

1983                     Sr. Valeriana Baerts, I.C.M.

1984                     Religious of the Virgin Mary

1985                     Rev. Benigno P. Dagani, S.J.

1986                     The Society of the Divine Word

1987                     Sr. Maria Socorro Angela Reyes, SPC

                            Sr. Eusebia Villanueva, SPC

1988                     Sr. Mary Dorothy O'Connor, RGS

                            Sr. Milagros Dayrit, R.A.

1989                     Ms. Mathilde Buhl Beckers

1990                     Sr. Patricia Marie Callan

1991                     Bishop Gaudencio B. Rosales, D.D.

                            Bro. James P. Dunne, S.J.

                            Sr. Mary Assumption Ocampo, RGS

1992                     Bishop Bienvenido S. Tudtud, D.D. (Posthumous)

1994                     Archbishop Mariano G. Gaviola, D.D., J.C.D. 

                            Rev. Lino F. Banayad, S.J. (Posthumous)

1995                     Sr. Ramona Mendiola, I.C.M.

                            Msgr. Francisco G. Tantoco, Jr.

1996                     Sr. Victricia Pascasio, S.Sp.S.

1997                     Bishop Benjamin D. de Jesus, O.M.I., D.D. (Posthumous)

1998                     Rev. Domingo M. Moraleda, CMF

                            Mother Mary Aurora, SSpSAP (Josefina Marasigan)

1999                     Msgr. Jose C. Abriol

                            Sr. M. Soledad Hilado, OSB

2000                     Heroic Filipino Priests, Brother and Nuns in East Timor

                            Sr. Cecilia del Mundo, FMA

                            Sr. Olivia Sadaya, FMA

                            Sr. Maria Fe Silva, FMA

                            Sr. Marivic Sombero, FMA

                            Sr. Evangelina Evangelista, OP

                            Sr. Marylu Mariano, OP

                            Sr. Pelagia Virtudazo, OP

                            Sr. Petronila Lalic, CM

                            Sr. Ester Padilla, CM

                            Sr. Susan Nimfa Timbal, CM

                            Rev. Edmund Barreta, SDB

                            Rev. Rolando Fernandez, SDB

                            Rev. Ramoncito Padilla, SDB

                            Rev. Aguedo Palomo, SDB

                            Rev. Jose San Juan, SDB

                            Bro. Ephrem Santos, SDB

                            Rev. Noel Villafuerte, SDB

                            Rev. Andrew Wong, SDB

                            Rev. Cyrus Claro V. Banque, CMF

                            Rev. Renato B. Manubag, CMF

                            Rev. Ricardo T. Salomon, CMF

                            Sr. Mary Baradero, SPC

                            Sr. Carmen Pangilinan, SPC

                            Sr. Bernadette Velayo, SPC

                            Sr. Edna Macahilas, FdCC

                            Sr. Violeta San Miguel, FdCC

                            Sr. Charito Torrefranca, MM

2001                     Rev. Francis Chapman, MSSC

                            Rev. Michel de Gigord, MEP

                            Rev. Rhoel D. Gallardo, CMF (Posthumous)

2002                     Rev. Walter J. Maxcy, MM



12 August 2002



Tanglaw ng Lahi Award


            The Ateneo de Manila University created the Tanglaw ng Lahi Award to single out those who have dedicated their lifetime to the pursuit of Filipinism and the Filipino identity through any of the channels of culture.  As such, the award recognizes the contribution of any individual, regardless of race, creed or political color, so long as it has succeeded in steering the national consciousness towards a clarification of the essential Filipino image.  This award was first given in April 1970 to Mr. Amado Hernandez.


1970                     Amado V. Hernandez                     (Posthumous)

1976                     Eduardo Hontiveros, S.J.

1977                     Lamberto Avellana

1978                     Genoveva Edroza Matute

1979                     Lazaro Francisco

1980                     Victorio Edades

1981                     Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero

1982                     Lucio D. San Pedro

1984                     Atang dela Rama Hernandez

1988                     Jose M. Maceda

1989                     Roque J. Ferriols, S.J.

1990                     Cesar Legaspi

1991                     Apo Hiking Society

                            Basil Valdez

                            Joey Ayala 

1992                     Philippine Children's Television Foundation, Inc.

                            for its show BATIBOT

1993                     Paete Woodcarver

1994                     Elena Gardose

                            Dr. William Henry Scott  (Posthumous)

1995                     Bienvenido M. Noriega, Jr.  (Posthumous)

1996                     Francisco Demetrio, S.J. (Posthumous)

1997                     Nick Joaquin

1998                     John N. Schumacher, S.J.

1999                    Lucrecia R. Kasilag

2000                    Bienvenido Lumbera

                            Anita Magsaysay-Ho

2001                    The Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature

2002                    Edith Lopez Tiempo



12 August 2002





Public Service Award


            The Award gives recognition to outstanding public service of an individual or a group of individuals.  The Award was first given to Radio Veritas in 1983 and then to Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. in 1984.  The other awardees are the following:


1986                     National Citizens Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL)

1991                     The Constitutionalist Soldier

1992                     Archbishop Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D.

                            Philippine Partnership for the Development of

                            Human Resources in Rural Areas (PhilDHRRA)

1994                     Sajid Bulig       (Posthumous)

                            Robin Garcia   (Posthumous)

1995                     Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.

1997                     Rev. Jesus S. Palileo (Posthumous)

                            Rhona Mahilum

1998                     Roberto A. Gana  (Posthumous)

                            Carlos M. Ollado  (Posthumous)

                            Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla, D.D.

                            Dr. Mahid M. Mutilan

1999                     Teresita Ang-See

                            Rosa Rosal

2000                     The Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades, Inc.

2001                     Tabang Mindanaw

                            Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

2002                     Fe del Mundo, M.D.



12 August 2002


Government Service Award 



1.     The award is open to all holders of positions in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches and the constitutional bodies of government, whether at the national level or the local level.


2.     The awardee, in the fulfillment of his or her direct duties within the public service, should have developed and implemented a public policy, program, or activity which is foundational or very important for the common good, or should have in some other way rendered exemplary service to the common good such as preferential option for the poor.

3.   The awardee should have consistently shown integrity, competence, and sound judgment in the 

      course of his or her service in government.


2001                       Tomas P. Africa


The Lux in Domino Award


            The Lux in Domino Award is a special recognition of an extraordinary individual who has incarnated in life, and perhaps even in death, in an exemplary manner, the noblest ideals of the Ateneo de Manila University.  Recipients of the award are chosen exclusively from the ranks of alumni or alumnae of the Ateneo de Manila University.


            The title of the Award is taken from the motto of the Ateneo which appears both in the old and new seals.  Taken from St. Paul (Ephesians 5:8), the phrase Lux In Domino, "light in the Lord", traces an ideal and sketches a way of life which the Ateneo holds up to her sons and daughters as their path of Christian discipleship.  These words illuminate the purposes and aims of the University which point that the Ateneo is FILIPINO, CATHOLIC, and JESUIT:


FILIPINO, in that she seeks service to the nation and the objectives of genuine national development.


CATHOLIC, in that her fundamental charter is the Gospel of Jesus and the beatitudes; that her guidelines are those of the teaching of the Catholic Church.  In the contemporary perspective, those guidelines focus on service to the Faith which today includes the Promotion of Justice as a constitutive dimension of the task of evangelization.


JESUIT, in that she seeks to live the Filipino and Catholic marks in the spirit of the magis (the "ever more"): to seek the ever more generous, the ever more "totally given" service; nothing held back, in the spirit of the Ignatian prayer,


                        to give and not to count the cost,

                        to fight and not to seek for rest,

                        to labour and ask for no reward . . .


            To be "light in the Lord", in all fullness may demand a following of Christ even to the offering of one's life.  


1986                      Evelio B. Javier    (Posthumous)

1989                      Tomas P. Castro   (Posthumous)

1991                      Gabriel A. Daza, Sr.

                             Gaston Z. Ortigas (Posthumous)

                             Francisco "Soc" Rodrigo

1994                      Manuel P. Manahan

1996                      Oscar R. Ledesma

1997                      Richard Michael R. Fernando, S.J. (Posthumous)

                             Raul S. Manglapus

1998                      Roberto A. Gana  (Posthumous)

1999                      Luis F. Lorenzo, Sr. (Posthumous)

2000                      Meneleo J. Carlos, Jr.

2001                      Juan C. Tan

                            Manuel Chua Chiaco, Sr.

                            Enrique T. Novales



12 August 2002

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