[Blueboard] Pathways request to the faculty of the School of Humanities

Harvey S. Keh hskeh at admu.edu.ph
Thu Oct 24 10:22:19 PHT 2002

Please Post.

    Since the School of Humanities (SOH) is currently moving out of Dela
Costa Hall, I would like to request its faculty members to donate some books
 journals, magazines and other resource materials that can still be used to
our Library Development Program. These donations will be given to various
public school libraries so any type of resources would be most welcome. If
it would be possible, you may drop them off at our office at Alingal Hall
(in front of Cervini Hall) or you can leave them at the Office of Student
Activities at Colayco Hall (just tell them its for Pathways). If you have
further inquiries, you may reach us at loc. 4046 or 4048.

    Thank you very much. Hoping for your support on this endeavor.
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