[Blueboard] Impostor Alert

Rene S. R. San Andres renesans at admu.edu.ph
Wed Oct 9 18:57:03 PHT 2002

Beware of an impostor!

At around 11:00am, Wednesday, October 9, 2002, a person claiming to be "Fr. Bulatao" called the ADSA direct line and asked for information about the ADSA staff - full name, cell number, college where they studied.  The person claimed that he needed to forward information about some kind of staff awards through text messaging. 

Upon verification, it was established that the person is an impostor.  We do not know what his motive is for trying to get the information.

In case the person, perhaps under some other guise, calls your office, kindly refrain from entertaining him.  Better still, find ways to identify the person and report it immediately to Campus Security.

Thank you.

Rene Salvador R. San Andres
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
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